Recruitment: Exalted Third Edition - Scavenger Heroes


Exalted 3e Scavengers Heroes is a chronicle taking place in creation, in particular the Scavenger Lands. Your character is one of the Exalted, a mortal who is one of the chosen, getting phenomenal powers. Elementals, gods, other spirits and many wondrous things can be found in the world of Creation. It offers also opportunities for Epic Heroism, passions and betrayal. You are the ones standing between the worlds of mortal and spirit.

The Scavenger Lands is symbol of hope and freedom from the Realm clutches. But this same Freedom, also means that the Scavenger Lands doesn't enjoy the stability of the Realm and have to face various conflict, greed and there are ancient ruins to explore and many metropolises to visit. The Dragon-Blooded of Lookshy protects the Scavenger Lands and war is always looming in the horizon.

Your character like many has come to Nexus, the Threshold Jewel, the city of the Guild and Trade, for your own reasons and you had no idea what fate had in store for you.

For this game, you will follow the standard character creation rules associated with your Exalted Type of Choice:

Solar, Lunar, Sidereal (Manuscript currently available), Exigent (Janest and Umbral, celestial tier exigent, Backer pdf version), Abyssal (Manuscript currently available, due to the nature of the game, Deathknight-errant is the default Abyssal for this game).

Ideally if you could post at least 4 times in a week, would be ideal.

House Rules and Others Rules:

-Abyssal excellency should say rounded down for consistency on static value. Already noted to be an error.
-Difficulty goes up all the way to 15, using the guidelines in CoL.
-All stunts are one point stunts by default due to the nature of pbp, but each player once per scene can declare a level 2 stunt and declare a level 3 stunt once per session.
-Initiative Roster, essentially you still roll Join Battle but as the Players you get to decide which player go on which tick (it doesn't change your initiative pool), using the results rolled.
-Less rolls on combat movement, this will be addressed in game, combat movement affected include: Rush, Disengage, Rise from Prone, Take Cover and Withdraw.
-Teamwork rules from CoL
-Progress and Risk Trackers from CoL
-In general a character can travel 10 miles a day on foot in normal circumstances. Mounted characters triple these distances. Some charms or spells of course can affect the speed of travel.

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