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D&D 5E Recycling 5e


Guide of Modos
Fifth edition D&D is probably the greenest D&D yet, being recycled from the rules of 3.5e and 4e, as well as highly available in digital format.

How can we make it greener?

I thought some roll-recycling would be in order. If you roll 4d6-drop-lowest for your ability scores, keep your first five lowest rolls, and choose three to be your sixth score.

Also, stop throwing out your advantage rolls! Fate doesn't forget what you rolled, just because another roll was higher. Whenever you roll with advantage or disadvantage, the discarded roll becomes your second die in your next advantage or disadvantage roll. If you don't happen to like that 6 that you rolled, hanging out in your queue, just use Inspiration on your next check. Maybe that will remind your GM to give out Inspiration more often.

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Prodigal Member
Too many character sheets end up in landfills. Stop throwing out your characters when they die! Don't rip the sheet in half. Erase it all and re-use the paper for your next character. You've been penciling & erasing your HP for years, you can do the same thing with your entire character. Make the erasing into a funeral ritual for your character. Remember to write lightly, and your character sheet can last for dozens of campaigns!

Thaleia the Dryad says, "Save a tree - erase your character!"

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM


Guide of Modos
Hmm. Looks like that 6 is still waiting to be recycled. New idea: the DM can recycle that roll for you too, but only for opponents with advantage or disadvantage, that are rolling against you.

"Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."

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