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D&D 5E Redsky 5e - A Science-Fantasy Conversion Book and Lore Codex

Redsky is a conversion book designed to adapt 5th edition rules for magic-less settings. It features both humans and 5 brand new playable sentient species. It also has an incredibly rich setting that has been in development for years, with hundreds of pages of lore about our unique science-fantasy landscape suspended inside a worldship. The book contains:
  • 6 playable sentient species!
  • Unique elemental alignments!
  • 6 playable classes!
  • New mechanics!
  • New monsters!
  • Beautiful art and 100+ pages of rich lore!
Our Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and about to end!!

Check out the developer Solar Studios and learn more about Redsky at their website or watch their trailer! You can also ask the developers anything on their own Discord server.
Website: About | Solar Studios
Discord: Join the Redsky Discord Server!

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I am very happy to see lot of people with many ideas about new settings for 5E, but I am afraid after the kickstarter or crowdfunding most of them fall in the oblivion and the contact with the fandom is lost. Once I was wondering what was that setting I couldn't remember the name. It was "the lost Citadel" by Green Ronin, one of the most known 3PPs.

We need some web or link to can remember all those lines by 3PPs, to be remembered, known and discovered by the fandom. When there are a lot of titles a piece of adverticing shouldn't be wrong.

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