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D&D 5E Rename the Monster Manual


Citation please?

Not sure which study they were refering to but this one.

which is an admittedly limited study, showed RPGers are significantly more empathic than the general population.

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From Mordenkainen's Manual of the Maltreated and Morally Misunderstood

These Maltreated People are the one-eyed combination of David and Goliath: half shepherd, half giant. Unfortunately, my studies of these pastoral herdspeople were limited. In recent years, Cyclops have been subject to the horrors of hateful hate crimes. The perpetrator - known as the Man of Twists and Turns - has been blown through the Winedark Sea, scampering from island to island to island, systematically blinding the Cyclops with a magical spear enchanted with heat metal. (I smell Xanathar's work.)

Finding a Cyclops willing to sit down for a cup of fair trade tea and vegan biscuits was a tiresome affair. Instead, the Cyclops cursed me and instructed me to contemplate my man-privilege. I was told I am an animal and a savage - worse by far than a sheep, for the mutton on my thighs was unworthy to graze Cyclopean lips.

I must confess, I failed my Wisdom save; my curiosity got the better of me. I took tyrannical advantage of the Cyclops's visual impairment. I disguised myself as an Orcish facepainter, an art I colonially appropriated during my previous research. How dare I. A Cyclops, a wonderful lad with a toothy smile, invited my into his grotto, beautifully decorated in sheep bones. There we feasted upon fair trade tea and vegan biscuits.

However, I was overwhelmed by remorse for my non-theological sins of ableism and racial appropriation. Instead of conducting an interview for this volume, I paid the Cyclops 10,000 gold pieces to teach me about the repugnance of ableism and racial appropriation. Now I can brag to my awakened-wizard friends about seeing the true deformity of my man-privilege.

I think these need a thread of its own, starting with the already existing entries. I vote for the Ettin next.

EDIT: Put a disclaimer in the thread title too.


Not sure which study they were refering to but this one.

which is an admittedly limited study, showed RPGers are significantly more empathic than the general population.

Having your books knocked out of your hands and being crammed into your own locker countless times will do that to you.


Small God of the Dozens
Genghis Khan is a hero who unified the Mongol people and brought peace to the world, to refer to him as a monster really is racist and offensive
So tell me a story that's accurate that doesnt paint him like everyone else in the list.

Well do we reserve monster for the plants then. The think the shambling mound may take offence to that!

Look at the poor thing 😢
the Trash Heap.jpg


People who...
Put pineapple on pizza,
The toilet roll on the wrong way round,
Change lanes without indicating.

And their leader...old person in front of you at the gas station when all you want is a cup of joe and have 5 minutes to get to work whose buying 40 lottery tickets; 8 tickets boxed, my lucky numbers, a quick pick, oh and cant forget little Joanie's birthday. Then they go for the scratch offs.... :mad:

Man, Aussie pizza's would blow your mind. We love our Hawaiian pizza down here. Heck, pineapple's a regular here. Also? We put it on our burgers as well

I've had pineapple on pizza when I was a kid in Toronto from Pizza Pizza. Anyone else remember the 967 1111 commercials, I'm shocked I just googled them and they're still around? But anyhow pineapple on pizza wasn't bad. I've never been to NYC or Chicago but I still say Buffalo, NY has some of the best pizza out of anywhere I've ever been. I'm not just saying that because I live here, but it truly is unique.

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