D&D General Respeckt Mah Authoritah: Understanding High Trust and the Division of Authority

If by odd you mean the normal way things seem to be done, I agree! The typical DM doesn't use sit down and shut up when people disagree with him.
Well, it is true that I'm not a "typical DM" that is just like all the other DMs in the "group".
This isn't what was said or suggested.
Well, you don't give "your suggestion".
That's an easy argument to solve: "Sure you can shoot an arrow straight up into the air, but you might want to move before it comes back down...."
It's not for many players. And I can say this as someone who has shot a real hand crafted bow and arrow, shot the arrow straight up....and STILL have a player say that it is STILL absolutely impossible to do in the game world.

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