D&D (2024) Return to the 3 saves for 1D&D?


If you're having to roll an 18 or 19 to save with your worst saves (or higher), this change that number to 12 or 13. I don't think that's unreasonable for a worst save at high levels when any save failed is likely to be highly debilitating. Since spellcasters get to add proficiency to their save DCs, this merely helps players tread water on their worst saves. Realistically, even with proficiency characters will still fall behind since they're not likely to bump their worst save stats to 20.
Since AC does not scale with prof bonus, so most saves should not.

Spells get more reliable as levels goes on, unless you target that specific save.

there are few solutions to failing too much on spells;

1. Make resilient give two proficiencies and make it so you can take that feat twice. One save must be from dex, con or wis and other from str, int or cha.

2. make hard crowd control effects on failed saves little bit weaker, so players are not out of the game for several rounds.

3. don't dump stats

4. my suggestion on ability usage:

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I didn'tsay resistance, I said false life. A 1st level false life is 6.5 temp hp, a 3rd level false life (which you can cast at 5th level) is 16.5 hps on average. 2 points in constitution at 5th level will give you 10 more hps.

Yes. You said false life gives easy hp, this 15hp are not a lot. I said, resistance gives easy saving throw bonuses, so +3 to a saving throw is also not a lot.

Edit: also imaine using false life on someone with already high hp... They don't care if they make a dex save or not.


One idea I’ve kicked around in my head would be to give characters one additional save proficiency whenever they would get a Feat/ASI—so, new proficiencies at levels 4, 8, 12, etc. (This would be in addition to the Feat/ASI, so I’d probably nuke Resilient altogether)

All characters would eventually be proficient in all saves… but it takes a while. Until you reach epic level, you’re going to have one or two weak saves. Plan accordingly, adventurer!


Prince of Dorkness
I never really thought about how AC doesn't scale with PB like Saves do. In 3e, your AC started with a base of 10 + your various modifiers (DEX, Armor, Shield, Magic Items, etc.). 5e just baked that 10 into the armor itself, so 3e's Studded Leather armor was +2, while 5e's Studded Leather armor is 12. They could revert the armor bonuses beck to the 3e method (5e - 10) and do something similar to Saves and Spells Saves where your AC would be 8 + PB + DEX + Armor + Shield. Then your AC would scale with PB, but then AC's might get too high and ruin BA or something. I don't know, I'm just spit-balling on a slow afternoon at work . . .

the problem is that things (mostly) that are saves are MORE deadly then attack rolls.

You can get attacked twice by a fighter for 1d8+5 damage or take 8d6 fire save for half

If the fighter only does 1d8+5 damage, he does something wrong.

But I do agree, the saving throws do fulfill both the 3e and the 4e function: prevent an effect and determine the duration respectively.

I like it for the latter, but I think it is too weak for the former.
I already proposed adding your proficiency bonus on top for the initial save.
I used to have an even better Idea, that makes HP do what they are supposed to:

For every 20hp you have, you get bonus of +1 to the initial saving throw with a cap of +5.

That way, a fighter will eventually have great saving throws if they have full hp. Wizards

wait...what? thats a 18 stat a +1 longsword how much more do you think they do?!? there isn't a lot of options for fighters.
I guess they could go 2 handed and do 2d6+5 (reroll 1s and 2s) but they loose out on shield or off hand weapon then

This is definitely not an 18 stat.
It is a 16 stat with duelling. Or 20 stat without.
You also have an action surge for 4 attacks and you have battlemaster maneuvers... So yes, I expect a bit more.

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