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[RG] PbtA Ironsworn - PbP in Ancient Greece

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Name: Penelope Demetriea
Experience: 0/0

Long, dark hair and green eyes, olive skin, beautiful.

  • Edge: 1
  • Heart: 3
  • Iron: 1
  • Shadow: 2
  • Wits: 2

  • Alpha: Home city (Bond: 1)
  • Alexandros: Alpha orator, philosopher, and spymaster (Bond: 1)
  • Apollonis: Priest of Apollo and mentor (Bond: 1)

  • Background: Establish peace between the four polis. (Extreme)
  • Inciting Incident: Report on Beta’s betrayal. (Formidable)

Health: 5/5
Spirit: 5/5
Supplies: 5/5

Momentum: 2
Max: 10
Rest: 2


  • Bow
  • Shortsword
  • Dagger
  • Lyre
  • Rope

  • Archer
    • When you Secure an Advantage +wits by taking a moment to aim, envision where you intend to land your shot. Then, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.
  • Herbalist
    • When you attempt to Heal using herbal remedies, and you have at least +1 supply, you may choose one (decide before rolling).
      • • Add +2.
      • • On a hit, take or give an additional +1 health.
  • Trickster
    • When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Compel by lying, bluffing, stealing, or cheating, add +1.


Penelope was given over to the priests of the Temple of Apollo in Alpha at a young age. Her family was poor, and it was better than exposure that happened to most unwanted baby girls. She was trained in music and the healing arts of the god.

Penelope grew into a great beauty, and caught the eye of Alexandros, an important man in Alpha. He was the spymaster for the city, and determined that her beauty and charms could be useful to the city.

After the city’s betrayal by Gamma, Alpha is scrambling to figure out what is going on, to find out their enemies’ next moves, and secure a firmer alliance with Delta to save their city.


Name: Pallas
Experience: 0/0


  • Edge: 2
  • Heart: 2
  • Iron: 3
  • Shadow: 1
  • Wits: 1
  • The city of Beta (Alpha Alliance faction)
  • Mother's family in Alpha
  • Background vow: Bring vengeance on the subversive Gamma faction
    • Extreme:
  • Immediate (inciting incident):
    • Get word back to Alpha of Beta's betrayal (Dangerous)
  • Vow
    • See the survivors of the attack safely to the mountains (troublesome)
Health: 5/5
Spirit: 5/5
Supplies: 5/5

Momentum: 2
Max: 10
Rest: 2



  • Doru
  • Hoplon
  • Xiphos
  • Helmet
  • Cloak
  • Skirmisher (if you wield a spear)
    • When you Face Danger by holding a foe at bay using your spear's reach, roll + iron or +edge. If you score a hit you may...
      • Iron: Strike (if you have initiative) or Clash now, add+1.
      • Edge: Take +1 Momentum
  • Shield-bearer (If you wield a shield)
    • When you Face Danger using your shield as cover, add +1. When you Clash in close quarters, take +1 momentum on a strong hit.
  • Loyalist
    • When you Aid Your Ally, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. This is in addition to benefits taken by your ally.

Pallas was born in Gamma. His father had gained some fame in a war and enough wealth to purchase a farm and take a foreign wife. Pallas’ mother was from Alpha and understandably the family were staunch supporters of the alliance between Alpha and Gamma, even as more and more called for an alliance with Beta.

When foreign powers invaded, Pallas was old enough to stand in the phalanx. As a young man he was placed in the reinforcements sent to Beta to help secure the pass while the other cities mustered their main strength.

Gamma was the first of the reinforcements to arrive and were tasked with a forward guard ensuring the main fortified line would be alert and ready when the attack came.

The attack came in the early hours one morning. Gamma sounded their horn and locked shields, slowly giving ground to meet up with the main defensive phalanx manned by Beta. When the reached the Beta phalanx they found not friendly shields, but the pointed end of spears attacking from the rear.

As their numbers dwindled realisation dawned that Beta was intend on betraying the civilised world to these savages. The pass had fallen the moment Beta arrived and it would be up to the soldiers of Gamma to send a runner to the other cities. Being one of the youngest Pallas was in the middle of the formation and was able to muster the energy to throw a last ditch effort at the Beta phalanx.

In the confusion caused when foreign attackers finally fought through to the Beta soldiers, Pallas was able to escape. Running for all he was worth to warn Alpha.

He arrived late into the evening. Exhausted he managed to pant, "Fallen, Betr...". before the ground rushed up to meet him.

He woke with a start, looking up at canvas. Another scream came from outside. Pallas cast about for his shield but only saw the priestess.
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