Rin Con recap in Tucson AZ.


Came home from Rin Con today. I was able to do a surprising amount considering I had and still have pneumonia. Played 4 board games. First was the Munchkin board game. I had astoundingly bad luck on card draws. Nearly all of them were Curses. Any good gear I got, as well as my races and class, I got from other players just giving them to me. Still didn't get above 4th level while everyone else got to 9th and 10th level. So horrible first experience, but I think the game is fun when your getting good cards and leveling fast. At least I got to play it with my kids too.

Second game was Lords of Waterdeep. It was fun, helped by the fact that I beat the other 4 players by 2 points. Some fun play elements, thats for sure.

Third game is one I have played before, Shadows Over Camelot. Max number of players. I was the Traitor. At the end, I won. So everyone else lost.

Last game was Game of Thrones 2E. Loved that I was getting to play a game with my wife and daughter. I really did not like the game itself. Doubt I will even give it another try.

I also got some really awesome swag! 6 of the D&D GAZ series, 5 of which were in mint, and the other was still in very good condition. Lets see if I can recall which ones I got without looking at them. I got the elf and shadow elf, as well as the one about the Northmen. Blanking on the others, I'll have to give an update when I get them out of the car. Two great things about them. They were all Gaz's I have never owned before, and I got them for half of their listed retail on the back. So if it said $10.99, I got it for $5.50.

I got a similarly awesome deal on a certain boxed set. The box itself is in pretty good condition. The rule book and Module B2 inside were in unused and brand spanking new looking condition, as was the unused sheet of chits. I think there is supposed to be an add flyer in this, but if so, this one did not have it. Still, got it for a steal at $15.00!

So I had a great weekend at the Convention, despite the pneumonia, got some GREAT swag and fantastic prices, while doing it all with my wife and two of my three kids with me! So a weekend to remember.

Edit: So all the proper titles of the Gaz's are: The Elve of Alfheim, The Atruaghin Clans, The Northern Reaches, The Golden Khan of Ethengar, and the Shadow Elves. So I only got 5 of them.
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Lords of Waterdeep has been very popular with my group. It's not too long, it's a lot of fun, and we've not had any real runaway games (where one person was clearly the winner long before the game was over). The last game, I won fairly convincingly, but we had another game where it looked like one person was the clear winner, and someone else pulled out the victory.

I really hope WotC puts out an expansion.