Roll20 Now Has 10 Million Users

Roll20's user base has doubled since 2020, and is now at a height of 10 million users.

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In 2020 Roll20 had 5 million users, and it had 3 million users two years before that. In February 2021 it reported 8 million users.

A recent blog post says that "From 2017 to the end of 2019, Roll20 grew five times over (in both staff and revenue), and the pandemic more than doubled that growth."

Dicebreaker reports that the platform reported in a press release that new updates were coming, including a UI overhaul, performance improvements, and new features for GMs.

In other news, Roll20 now has a new CEO, Ankit Lal. Nolan T. Jones,co-founder of the company, is stepping back.
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This exactly - all I need for my online games is a shared whiteboard space where players can move their tokens around. The ability to upload my own images and maps is nice as well. The ability to hide parts of the map and reveal them as they explore is a bonus.
Just in case you don't already know it: Owlbear Rodeo does that, too, and comes with less technical baggage. It will also apparently have a revised v2.0 soon(ish).

And regarding Roll20: for me it really comes down to the UI that feels terribly dated. I'm a bit surprised there that they didn't come up with a new iteration already (since they are probably still the largest player in the field). Also, non-D&D support for Foundry is quite good (with commercial modules e.g. from Free League or Cubicle 7). It'll be interesting to see if Foundry surpasses Roll20 at some point (it does have it's own problems, though).


If not for Foundry doing better with more rules-intensive systems like WFRP and PF2, I'd likely have stayed put 100% on Roll20. It just didn't have the automation or levels of official support (with modules, etc.) for those systems that I needed to feel confident running the games.
And really, being the "big dog" of VTTs with 10 million users, there isn't much of an excuse for Roll20 to not do better with those other systems.
I have hopes that the Level Up implementation on Foundry might make running a 5e-adjacent game easier on Foundry, but until the tools are fully implemented, I'm sticking with Roll20 for 5e should I go back to that system.


If not for Foundry doing better with more rules-intensive systems like WFRP and PF2, I'd likely have stayed put 100% on Roll20.
My experience was the opposite, I was already looking for a reason to jump ship when I found Foundry. After years and years of paying a subscription fee to access basic features to see the platform barely improve over it's decade long lifespan I wanted something cheaper that was more customizable and less prone to flagrant game stopping bugs. The final insult Roll20 left me was with the realization that none of the content I purchased on the platform could be utilized outside of Roll20 itself, it was trapped in the walled garden marketplace. It's a shame people are flocking to it more than ever, Roll20's technology and monetization are truly dismal compared to the competition.

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