Roll20 Now Has 10 Million Users

Roll20's user base has doubled since 2020, and is now at a height of 10 million users.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 5.49.31 PM.png

In 2020 Roll20 had 5 million users, and it had 3 million users two years before that. In February 2021 it reported 8 million users.

A recent blog post says that "From 2017 to the end of 2019, Roll20 grew five times over (in both staff and revenue), and the pandemic more than doubled that growth."

Dicebreaker reports that the platform reported in a press release that new updates were coming, including a UI overhaul, performance improvements, and new features for GMs.

In other news, Roll20 now has a new CEO, Ankit Lal. Nolan T. Jones,co-founder of the company, is stepping back.
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As a DM, one of my problems with VTT play is that I will often wind up spending FAR too much time on looking for just that right image or just that right song and not enough time actually working on adventures. I know I constantly have to stop myself from this.

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Writer for CY_BORG, Forbidden Lands and Dragonbane
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aramis erak

I'm using 2 vtts... foundry and gtove
My biggest complaint about foundry is that so much is right-click driven.
Further, issues with players forgetting to rightclick and thus rolling too many dice for difficult tasks.
I'm not hosting the server...
Pros: the Alien module does most of the math.

My biggest complaint about gtove? nothing uses left clicks...
GTove has the ability to be hosted personally, loading it in the browser sets it running peer to peer, using shared files on one's gdrive
Complaints: no right-clicks, right-clicks not trapped (resulting in accidental unloading the page on occasion) square tokens only.

Foundry's automation isn't being a big help...

aramis erak

What is a "Roll20". It doesn't say so in the headline.
One of the top 2 most popular VTTs for shared tabletop/shared dice roller use.
Fantasy Grounds is the other.

Tabletop Simulator is used for many boardgames, and some RPG play

Foundry, Owlbear Rodeo, gTove, Astral Tabletop, Beyond Tabletop, Lets Role, Tableplop, and Talespire are lesser known competitors.

there was a freeware/shareware pre-2000 vtt, available for dos and mac, that used TN3270 over IP and ascii maps. If anyone still has a copy, please, let me know.

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