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D&D 5E RP Help - Dragonborn Paladin of Tiamat


So, for my 3rd character for a certain campaign (Tomb of Annilihation), I'm running a slightly odd character - a dragonborn paladin of Tiamat (in an aspect as Queen of Undead Dragons). He's lawful good, and has been tasked to aid the current party in hunting down Acerak and stopping the lich's Death Curse. He's the front-line buttkicker of the group, and tells the group like it is. Recently he got access to the spell "Summon Mount" and is now astride an allosaurus name Diana. He'll lay down his life to defend the group and has remained behind to cover the group's fallback several times. However, after being with the group for a bit now, has come to realize his lot in life is to herd a bunch of cats who likely couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag if they were armed with a knife. He prays to Tiamat a lot lately for the strength to carry on.

Anyways, what brings me here is that in his background I'd noted that he tends to quote scripture whenever possible, but frankly I'm at a loss what he might quote. He's not a mean fellow, he's not evil, but he's a take-no-prisoners eye-for-an-eye sort of guy. Any ideas?

One thing I have been thinking about is having him say "when dead dragons shall rule the world entirely" as a sort of "over my dead body". Any other ideas?

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
Look through the IRL Book of Proverbs. Proverbs about wealth can reference "a well-kept hoard". The king's wrath becomes "dispensing a breath of flame". Frightful Presence causes others to bow before Her majesty. How pleasant is a secure lair that adventurers cannot enter.
Maybe some of the Biblical parables could be modified to suit. The widow seeking her missing coin ought to resonate with a dragon, but maybe in the sense of "attention to detail".
All this gives you snippets to quote at appropriate moments, not a body of doctrine.

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