RPG Crowdfunding News – Tome of Beasts 2, High Colonies, RPG Zines, and More

This week’s list of RPG crowdfunding projects covers those campaigns that end between February 21 and 27 (with a number that spilled over from last week). That includes at least 10 RPG and RPG-related crowdfunding campaigns and many quickstarter RPG ZineQuest 2 campaigns that end by February 27th.

Tome of Beasts 2b.png

Tome of Beasts 2 for 5th Edition: 400 New Monsters by Kobold Press
  • END DATE: Fri, February 21 2020 7:00 PM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $50 + S/H for the PDF and hardcover of the book as well as an option to submit a monster
“A massive tome of original 5th Edition monsters for dungeons & keeps: dragons, demons, undead, and far beyond. From the creators of the original Tome of Beasts! Kobold Press is wrangling a new horde of wildly original, often lethal, and highly entertaining 5E-compatible monsters to challenge new players and veterans alike. The Tome of Beasts II will bring 400 new monsters to 5th edition, from angelic enforcers, sasquatch and shriekbats, to psychic vampires, zombie dragons, and so much more. All Tome of Beasts II Kickstarter backers at the $25 level and up can submit an original monster design for possible publication. In addition to the Tome of Beasts II hardcover volume and PDFs, this Kickstarter will fund the creation of monster pawns, VTT versions, monster lairs with beautiful maps, and more!”

Cobwebs by Exalted Funeral
  • END DATE: Sat, February 22 2020 3:01 PM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): An original system
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $25 + $9 US S/H for the PDF and print versions of the book
“A neo-noir RPG of reluctant investigators, human horror, & uncovered conspiracies. FFO Limetown, Mind Mgmt, & The X-Files. COBWEBS is a 3-5 player GM-less RPG that tells stories of reluctant investigators uncovering terrifying conspiracies and getting far more than they bargained for. It combines elements of noir, horror, and science fiction to create a uniquely haunting mystery built collaboratively. If you enjoy podcasts like Limetown and Tanis, comics like Mind MGMT, or movies like Under The Silver Lake and Mute-you're in the right place. This game builds upon mechanics you know from games you already enjoy such as Lovecraftesque, Blades in the Dark, and The Hour Between Dog & Wolf while simultaneously bringing a new and novel experience to your table.”
High Colonies.png

High Colonies by Columbia Games
  • END DATE: Sun, February 23 2020 2:59 AM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): A Sci-fi Variant of HârnMaster
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $29 for all of the PDFs
“Hard Science Fiction RPG 23rd Century. High Colonies is a roleplaying game, set just over two centuries in the future. Man has learned to exploit the planets and moons of the Solar System and reap benefits from advances in biological and engineering technologies. However, human population is not reduced to about twenty million, about the same as one large city on the former Earth. The game reflects what is know as “hard science fiction” depicting a realistic future that extrapolates achievements of the 20th and 21st century technology.”
Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverse.png
Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverse by Deep Dungeon Games
  • END DATE: Wed, February 26 2020 11:34 AM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $15 for the PDF copy of the game
“A fully detailed collection of fantasy animals for RPG games; if they run, jump, swim, or fly, you'll find them in Niwri's Menagerie! The book will also contain 3 new races and 4 new sub-classes - both of which will be playable for 5E - and a massive dungeon adventure that's certain to be full of these brand-new animals. All told, there will be over 150 pieces of original artwork to make Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverseas much fun to view as it is to play.”
They Cried Monster.jpg

They Cried Monster by Feral Indie Studio
  • END DATE: Fri, February 21 2020 12:01 PM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $10 + $5 for the PDF and print zine
  • NOTE: Part of ZineQuest 2
  • NOTE: Charles Ferguson-Avery is the artist that inspired Never Going Home. I interviewed him at d20 Radio (here)
“An TTRPG zine about hunting or defending monsters. They Cried Monster is a monster-hunting hack for the world’s most popular role-playing game. Based on stories like Hellboy, The Witcher, or Mushishi, They Cried Monster tasks a group of world-weary Hunters to track monsters, solve mysteries, and face the ethical dilemma of protecting humanity or the monsters they have been hired to slay. Hunters must balance social standing with the settlements and locals, as well as being quick to action facing down the dangerous creatures that lurk in the wilderness.”
Harrowings- The Exalted Hours.jpg
Harrowings: The Exalted Hours by DGI
  • END DATE: Thu, February 20 2020 11:31 AM EST.
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $23 + $4 US S/H for 3 PDFs and 2 print zines
  • NOTE: Part of ZineQuest 2
  • NOTE: I contributed to the first issue, Harrowings #01: From the Rime!
“‘The RPG Zine to Steal your Soul’ Returns - Revealing the Weird Wonders of the Night. Harrowings is a collaboration-based RPG Magazine that focuses on Old School Role-Playing Game content. It has a poetic tone, and explores the juxtaposition of the genres of Fantasy and Horror. It is "An RPG Zine to Steal your Soul"! We launched the first issue, Harrowings: From the Rime, with your help during last year's ZineQuest, and are coming back this year bigger and badder than ever. The Harrowings Zine issues are released online in a PDF format for free, with limited edition print runs. We have a history of making large Zines with a full spectrum of content. Each Zine has at least nine different contributions, ranging from system-neutral RPG adventures, original monster ideas, fantasy literature, random tables and RPG generators, as well as some articles about gaming! We have something for everyone, and everything we have is distilled thru mania to ensure that you walk away from it with your own new inspiration.”

RPG Quick Hits

Frontiers and Borderlands - Digital Battle Maps by Limitless Adventures
  • END DATE: Sat, February 22 2020 12:59 AM EST.
  • “A collection of 20 high-resolution digital fantasy maps for DnD/Pathfinder.”
Shotglass Adventures 3 - 10 adventures for DnD 5e & OSR RPGs by Laidback Dungeon Master
  • END DATE: Mon, February 24 2020 8:18 PM EST.
  • “A book of 10 D&D (5E & OSR) adventures with full color maps, new monsters & magic items, new settings & lore, hints & random tables.”
The Black Iron a 5th edition Dark Fantasy Setting by FeralGames
  • END DATE: Tue, February 25 2020 9:55 AM EST.
  • “Bringing a world of Survival Horror to 5th edition.”
Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva, Printed & More Adventures (5e) by Xacur
  • END DATE: Tue, February 25 2020 5:39 PM EST.
  • “Printed version of the Core Books of Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva, new Adventures, and phone PDFs. For the 5e Dungeons & Dragons.”
Dungeon Doodles Fifth Edition Creature Cards by Dungeon Doodles
  • END DATE: Thu, February 27 2020 10:38 AM EST.
  • “A Fifth Edition reference deck for kids. Easy to read basic stats with kid friendly artwork. NEW Reward Tiers! Commissions Available!”
Head Lopper Custom Dice Sets by Severed Books
  • END DATE: Thu, February 27 2020 11:15 AM EST.
  • PROJECT TYPE: RPG Accessories
  • “Exclusive Official Head Lopper Custom RPG Dice and Character Cards.”
ZineQuest 2 (Editor's Note: There are so many ZineQuests we couldn't cover them all; you can review the whole list here)

5 Room Dungeons: an RPG zine for D&D 5th Edition by Roleplaying Tips
  • Sun, February 23 2020 11:24 AM EST.
  • NOTE: I interviewed Johnn Four about quickstarting a campaign here at EN World
  • “A zine of adventures from Johnn Four or RoleplayingTips.com for GMs needing a session's entertainment or parts & ideas to loot.”
Delayed Blast Gamemaster #3 by Philip Reed
  • END DATE: Wed, February 12 2020 6:03 PM EST.
  • NOTE: I interviewed Phil Reed about quickstarting a campaign here at EN World. In a separate interview, we talked about The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny (here)
  • “The third issue of a 24-page saddle-stitched zine loaded with ideas for use with many fantasy RPGs.”
The Wait: an RPG about waiting for the inevitable by Travis D. Hill
  • END DATE: Tue, February 18 2020 8:40 AM EST.
  • “A 3-8 player RPG zine about waiting for a family member to pass away. Part of Zine Quest 2.”
Strange Legends Zine and Trading Cards – ZineQuest by Strange Creatures
  • END DATE: Tue, February 18 2020 1:14 PM EST.
  • “A character zine and trading cards for 15 characters with hand-drawn illustrations, stats, stories, and a minimalist design aesthetic.”
Shenanigans - Zinequest 2 by Patrick Geaslin
  • END DATE: Tue, February 18 2020 11:22 PM EST.
  • “A ridiculous tabletop roleplaying game about surviving as tiny dragon people in a deadly fantasy world.”
Rats with Wings | ZineQuest 2! by Pigeonary Press
  • END DATE: Wed, February 19 2020 3:26 PM EST.
  • “An RPG zine dedicated to pigeons. Yes, that kind of pigeon.”
Mew-tants! an RPG Zine – ZineQuest by Anima Press
  • END DATE: Wed, February 19 2020 10:52 AM EST.
  • “A zine RPG where you play as a cat with superpowers. You're otherwise still just a cat. You don't have thumbs.”
Let's Make A Mary Sue! A Zine Game for Zine Quest 2! by Density Media
  • END DATE: Fri, March 6 2020 11:13 AM EST.
  • Let's Make A Mary Sue! is a non-traditional party game experience.”
Mall Kids: More Malls, More Kids #ZineQuest by Matthew Gravelyn
  • END DATE: Wed, February 19 2020 12:01 PM EST.
  • A Mall Kids expansion with new options for malls, teens, and ways to play. #ZineQuest #RecognizeKSRU”
Ever In Her Sights: a Story-Reading Zine by Nora Jury-Last
  • END DATE: Fri, February 21 2020 10:00 AM EST.
  • “You are fae Knights, set out to retrieve treasures for your High Queen. What will you claim? What will you sacrifice?”
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Egg Embry

Egg Embry

Newest Tome of Beasts 2 Update just went up - The Demon Lord Rhopalocerex
  • This beautiful humanoid is covered with tiny, colorful chitinous plates and sports large, butterfly-like wings.
  • This Demon Lord is the Purveyor of Deception and the progenitor of all manner of insects that are both beautiful and deadly, such as death butterflies. He is death cloaked in beauty.
  • His claws hold a deadly venom and his delicate-looking wings have the power to blow over opponents.
The Monsters of Tome of Beasts 2 - Demon Lord Rhopalocerex


It's the final week of the Tome of Beasts 2 Kickstarter!

Lets take a look at what you've unlocked in the past few weeks:
  • Three additional encounters in Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs (that's three more single-session adventures featuring the monsters of the Tome of Beasts 2!)
  • A ton of new monsters: the imperial dragon, a new demon lord, a new arch devil, some deep dungeon denizens, a few beings of shadow, an arch devil, more shadow fey to populate the courts, extra low level monsters to frighten your new adventurers, familiars to fight alongside your adventurers, and the lord of the world-ending satarre
  • FIFTY backer monsters!!!
It's been wildly successful with over $320,000 raised so far and more than 4,890 backers ... and still going!

Tome of Beasts 2 Kickstarter ends THIS FRIDAY!!


Joe Vinsik

Aaaaaand another stretch goal gets hit! Creatures of Leng WILL be in the book! Three nest stretch goals are; Elementals, Additional Encounter and MORE backer submissions!




With less than a day left in our Kickstarter, this is your last chance to wrangle your friends, local necromancers, neighbors, that scary dragon down the road, GMs, and total strangers into our mass of monsters! Let's see if we can hit another stretch goal or two before the Kickstarter ends.


Please spread the word! Sound the trumpets! Thank you all for your continued support! Let's end this Kickstarter strong!


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