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This week brings 14 adventures to Dungeons & Dragons all set in the Shadow Realm. Pathfinder 2nd Edition gets a special edition hardcover, Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG gets an adventure for DCC Lankhmar, and Warhammer FRP gets an adventure and companion to wrap up the Enemy Withing campaign along with a deluxe two book slipcase version. There is also a book of castles, adventures for The Dark Eye, and cards to help the GM.

RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

103 tales from the shadows.JPG

Tales from the Shadows by Kobold Press
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.99
  • DESCRIPTION: 14 adventures, suitable for levels 1–8, playable separately or in sequence set in the Shadow Realm. There are sites of mysterious enchantment watched over by denizens both strange and wondrous. From woods dark and eerie to courts of noble fey, all paths lead to haunts, ruins, machinations, and subterfuge. Inside are a variety of plots and encounters from confronting dangerous and cunning creatures to solving enigmas, as well as a background plot thread surrounding a fabled item, the Shadow Grimoire, and its mysteries.
103 lost omens.JPG

Lost Omens - Gods & Magic (Special Edition) by Paizo
103 treachery.JPG
Treachery in the Beggar City by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG DCC Lankhmar
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $9.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A level 3 DCC adventure set in Lankhmar in the Beggar City of Tovilyis. Word has spread that the location of a secret treasure vault belonging to Tovilyis’ old ruler has been discovered. The PCs must compete with other rivals, including masked assassins, sinister sorcerers, and the agents of the Beggar City’s noble houses to be the first to brave cunning traps and breach the potentate’s private treasury and the resting place of the legendary Scrolls of Night. Includes rules for carousing the Beggar City and creating DCC Lankhmar characters born among its canals and winding streets.
103 empire collecter.JPG
103 empire.JPG
103 empire companion.JPG

Enemy Within Vol. 5 - The Empire in Ruins (Collector’s Edition) | Enemy Within Vol. 5 - The Empire in Ruins | Enemy Within Vol. 5 - The Empire in Ruins Companion by Cubicle 7
  • SYSTEM: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $34.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Empire in Ruins (Collector’s Edition) combines The Empire in Ruins and the Companion in a slipcase featuring the artwork from the standard editions. Finished in Silver foil and a lustrous Spot UV finish, the covers depict the image of Sigmar Heldenhammer and a manipulative servant of Tzeentch. The books are case bound and come with an exclusive envelope of player handouts and maps. Empire in Ruins is the fifth volume of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within. The PCs have won the respect and trust of many in Middenheim, but before they can capitalize on their renown the Empire descends into the turmoil of civil strife. A number of threats the PCs thought far behind them reassert their influence. Icons of authority and leadership are found wanting, and the greatest nation in the Old World appears destined to shake itself to pieces. Only by undertaking a dangerous journey can the Characters prevent the ruination of all they hold dear. The Empire in Ruins Companion is the fifth and final of a five-part series of companion volumes to the Enemy Within campaign. Includes: the ramifications of the fulfilment of the ambitions of various would-be empire builders, the Night Goblins and their depredations return, the Place of the Shining Rock which is sacred to both Sigmar and Ulric, unusual phenomena in Altdorf, brave frontier folk called the Imperial Ostlanders, Nordland’s history and notable personalities, the Siege of Diesdorf, an Ogre judicial champion, the return of the Gravelord (a self-obsessed Necromancer) who has stalked PCs since Death on The Reik. and memorable villains such as the Threshers and the multifarious departments of the remaining Purple Hand.
103 european castles.JPG

European Castles (2nd Edition) by Palladium
  • SYSTEM: systemless
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10.99
  • DESCRIPTION: 40 notable European castles with artwork, 56 actual floor plans, a glossary of terms regarding the parts of the castle, and cutaway of a traditional square keep and wall ratings. Castles arranged by country, like Karlstein castle (Czech Republic), Dover Castle (England), Chateau De Chillon (France), Ortenberg Castle (Germany), Ferrara Castellow D’este (Italy), the Kremlin (Russia), Borthwick Castle (Scotland), Belmonte Castle (Spain), Margat Castle (Syria), Chepstow Castle (Wales), and others.
103 theater knights v.JPG
103 theater knights vi.JPG

Theater Knights V - The Silver Guard | Theater Knights VI - The Red Choir by Ulisses Spiele
  • SYSTEM: The Dark Eye
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventures
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17.99/$19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: In Theater Knights V, the PCs travel along the river Walsach and deep into the valleys of the Iron Edge. They fight river pirates, and meet the knightly Order of the Ram tasked with guarding the Transweal, a wild and enchanted land home of talking animals, fairies, witches, and even stranger and more dreadful creatures. Theater Knights VI, the last part of the Theater Knights campaign, finds the PCs in Festum as the Bronnjars convene to elect their new leader. The PCs, as heroes of the land, play a role in the election, but strange things are happening in the alleys of the city.

103 cc events.JPG
103 cc items.JPG
103 cc monster attributes.JPG
103 cc personalities.JPG

Universal Events Deck | Universal Items Deck | Universal Monster Attributes Deck | Universal Personalities Deck by Chronicle Cards
  • SYSTEM: systemless
  • PRODUCT TYPE: 50 plastic card decks
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17 each
  • DESCRIPTION: These cards are waterproof and can be drawn on with wet and dry erase markers. The Events Deck includes different cards to help easily create engaging content for any RPG system and add life to any encounter, scenario, or campaign. The Items Deck has a variety of item cards for any RPG. The Monster Attribute Deck are used to add a new dimension to any encounter and include optional ‘mark’ cards to tailor the difficulty of encounter. Cards also represent player or NPC abilities or the effects granted by an item or spell. Special interactions make role playing better, and with this Personalities Deck memorable characters can be generated in seconds from tavern goers to your own PC to an accidentally summoned a demon. Includes notable people, all with interesting backgrounds, flaws and strengths.

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Charles Dunwoody

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