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This week includes a boxed DMless D&D adventure as well as a book of encounters. Modiphius has a special Dune rulebook and support for Conan. There are RPGs about the supernatural American colonies as well as RPGs from Dapper Fish Designs, Horseshark Games, and Arion Games ranging from post-apocalyptic to detective investigation to fantasy.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from online retailers. It does not cover products that are only available to customers through kickstarter, directly from a publisher website, or as print on demand.
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Journey to Beryl's Reach | Limitless Encounters Vol. 3 by Limitless Adventures
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set/softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $34.99/$24.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Journey to Beryl’s Reach is a DMLess mini-campaign for three to five 6th level characters. It allows DMs to take a break and cuts down on burnout and also give PCs control over their adventure. PCs choose the encounter types that they enjoy the most from five encounter categories: combat, sill challenge, puzzle, roleplay, and wild card. Inside is: 81 encounter cards in three adventure path decks (each with start/end and 25 possible encounters), a detailed scenario guide, and a 19 card tarot deck that modifies gameplay. Limitless Encounters Vol. 3 has 100 encounters in 10 new environments. New monsters, lots of new traps, magic items, skill challenges, and roleplay. Pre-rolled treasure to reduce DM prep time and 300 Further Adventure hooks

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58 scions erebus network.JPG
58 scions psyche.JPG

Unveiled Elisions | Scions of the Computarchs - Erebus Network | Scions of the Computarchs - Psyche/Net by Horseshark Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPGs/Mutant Crawl Classics RPG
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Unveiled Elisions includes articles on: (Pure Strain) Humans (a flexible, versatile, class-building framework), Mutant Mounts of the Far-Future (taming tables and four new mutated mounts), Crafted Weapons of The Post-Apocalypse (improvised weapons rules and metals of the Before Times), and Epochs of Technology (a brief guide to technology levels). Scions of the Computarchs – Erebus Network documents the mysterious cult of the Erebus Network. Inside is a full patron AI write-up, five Erebus Network patron programs (1st - 5th levels), and a player information handout and campaign advice. Scions of the Computarchs – Psyche/Net includes a full patron AI write-up, four Psyche/Net patron programs (1st - 4th levels), a player information handout, campaign advice, and an appendix to create digital constructs (aka - familiars) for devotees of Psyche/Net.

58 dune.JPG

Dune - Adventures in the Imperium (Atreides Collector’s Edition) by Modiphius
  • SYSTEM: 2d20
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover Atreides Collector’s Edition core rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $109.99
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs play elite agents working for noble Houses where Mentats, Swordmasters, Spies, Bene Gesserit Sisters, Devious Advisors, or even desert Fremen. The Imperium is a place of deadly duels, feudal politics, mysterious abilities, noble Houses politic constantly for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions. PCs build their House, carve their place in the universe or rebuild an ancient lineage and fight for the Imperial throne. A Collector’s Edition that displays the Atreides’ seal on its cover.

58 waves stained crimson.JPG

Waves Stained Crimson by Modiphius Entertainment
  • SYSTEM: Conan - Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: When the PCs’ ship is sacked and the daughter of a merchant prince is kidnapped, the PCs are thrust into a world of intrigue, deadly sorcery, and the threat of apocalypse. Coursing across the raging seas of the Hyborian Age, the adventurers confront terrors of the like they've never seen before: degenerate cults, murderous cutthroats, and a weaver of the darkest magics, with a plan for the world that must be halted. Inside: five adventures with a series of challenges for even the most experienced of players and new islands to explore, new monsters to fight, and new antagonists to defeat.

58 flames of freedom.JPG
Flames of Freedom by Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Zweihander
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $54.95
  • DESCRIPTION: An American Gothic horror tabletop role-playing game. It is the dawn of the American Revolutionary War of 1776. Ghouls have been tunneling beneath Boston. There are sightings of witches in the Great Dismal Swamp. And worse still, a shadowy collective called “The Mandoag” seeks to consume all, Loyalists and Rebels alike. Most people have either chosen to deny the supernatural or rationalize it away. A rare few accept it for what it is to act. The PCs are among those heroes and destined for greatness… or death. This alternative history game includes: a player’s handbook, a game master’s guide, a bestiary, and an introductory adventure set in Boston.
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Crimes in Chrome | Suspects & Sorcery by Dapper Fish Designs
  • SYSTEM: Grey Cells
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $15 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Crimes in Chrome expands upon the Grey Cells detective role-playing game, bringing Investigators to the future. Times have changed. Society, technology and crime are constantly evolving, to the point where even what constitutes life itself is called into question. PCs pursue justice and carve out their own place in the world. Suspects and Sorcery expands the Grey Cells roleplaying game with the addition of fantasy elements. Investigators take on the roles of questing knights and astute wizards fighting for justice in a world where anything is possible. Alongside mundane crime, the land is plagued by ancient curses and magical beasts that will require great cunning by the PCs to overcome.
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The Domesday Campaign - Book 1 (hardcover) | The Domesday Campaign - Book 1 (softcover) | Domesday Manor Book (hardcover) | Domesday Manor Book (softcover) by Arion Games
  • SYSTEM: Maelstrom Domesday
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplements/softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.95/$37.95/$19.95/$12.95
  • DESCRIPTION: Domesday Campaign is Part I in an epic campaign for Maelstrom Domesday, spanning over 100 years, the rule of three Kings and several generations of player characters. contains: 53 Separate Investigations, New Rules for Domesday, and Descriptions of Richmond and Surrounds. This campaign can easily be expanded with additional investigations or adventures and can form the basis of many years of gameplay. The Domesday Manor Book provides the rules and setting information to allow a character to run their own Manor, organize their own villagers, and investigate supernatural goings on. Rules for generating Manor stats, working out annual profit and loss, improvements, detailing villagers and hiring specialists is all here!
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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody


Unpaid Scientific Adviser (Ret.)
I wonder if I read "Flames of Freedom" and "Colonial Gothic" a 2009 release from Rogue Games, and possibly find them very very similar. I had been reading "Colonial Gothic" a couple of years back, and ISTR that some of these concepts sound vaguely familiar. I'd have to find it and start reading again... Very sus IMHO.

I wonder if I read "Flames of Freedom" and "Colonial Gothic" a 2009 release from Rogue Games, and possibly find them very very similar. I had been reading "Colonial Gothic" a couple of years back, and ISTR that some of these concepts sound vaguely familiar. I'd have to find it and start reading again... Very sus IMHO.

From the kickstarter:
"FLAMES OF FREEDOM is the successor to the Colonial Gothic line. With original manuscript by Richard Iorio, this tabletop RPG has been expanded and clarified, with new content, perspectives, rules and story."

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