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Dungeons & Dragons gets a city crawl and a vampire cruise. There are also adventures for D&D and OSR including Mutant Crawl Classics as well as an atlas of Hyperboria. Lex Arcana gets two world supplement for Roman fantasy adventuring. And the week rounds out with a book of missions for Cyberpunk

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Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

Escape the City | Vampire Cruise by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and Cairn/OSR and D&D
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $12/$15
  • DESCRIPTION: This zine is a generator that creates a dangerous crawl across a zealot-filled city for one to four PCs (Level 3 for D&D). The island city of Wotta Rue is overrun by frothing zealots on a quest to purify and convert the city for the Zealous Order of Kol Ban R. Some have followed the Order willingly, some have been somehow charmed or manipulated into it, and still, others have been frozen in place by a cruel spell. The four bridges leading out of the city are each guarded by a different mysterious foe. The PCs must escape the city. Includes: GMless and solo play, using a standard playing card deck to generate locations and encounters, unique Secrets mechanic that describes the bridge guard, random tables, oracles, bestiary, and NPCs. Vampire Cruise. This one is a winner and I ran it using Troika! Maps, mummies, mutiny, random tables, and every kind of vampire. Luxury. Death. Trip. A supposedly fun thing you’ll have to do for eternity. PCs hear stories the ship was dredged from the sea floor and they had to clear out buckets of drowned fish before building staterooms. Stories about the Captain who’s never seen before midnight. About the unsettling shape of the boxes that were loaded into the darkness of the lower decks. The woman who told them all the rumors is now handing out pamphlets that say ’ Is Death Real?’ on the cover. Then the PCs wake up woozy in their cabin next to a note that says “deck 13 at noon. bring something sharp” indicating something ain’t right. On the other hand there's a ping pong tournament.
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Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse by Necrotic Gnome
  • SYSTEM: Old-School Essentials (Basic D&D)
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • DESCRIPTION: An adventure for 1st-3rd level characters. The plague year has been harsh. Countless victims have fallen to a terrible disease. In the north country, it is said that those who die of the plague are rising from the grave with a taste for human flesh, and seem to spread the disease to those who survive their attacks. Many believe that this new evil marks the place where the plague originated.
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Into the Glowing Depths by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Mutant Crawl Classics
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $9.99
  • DESCRIPTION: An adventure for PCs of Level 2. Standing between an army of mutant genetic experiments and world domination is an intelligence in an isolated research facility miles beneath the ocean’s surface. This intelligence seeks heroes to act on its behalf. The PCs soon find themselves in a hostile environment, beset by enemies on all sides, but with rich rewards awaiting them if they can prevent the mutant army’s conquest. Also provides artifacts, allies, and mutations to help explore The Glowing Depths.
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Atlas of Hyperborea | The Late Trapper's Lament By North Wind Adventures
  • SYSTEM: Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $15/$20
  • DESCRIPTION: The Atlas of Hyperborea is in 16 sectors with an unlabeled centerfold of the entire realm. PCs explore savage wilderness frontiers and dangerous borderlands. Hyperborea is a "flat earth" realm hemmed in by the mystical boreas ("North Wind"), and under the scarlet light of a bloated, dying sun, its roiling seas spill eternal over the world’s rim. This world is in a perpetual state of decay and is populated by disharmonious men and women, hostile monsters, and weird, alien beings. The Late Trapper's Lament is an adventure in Hyperborea for characters of 1st through 2nd level. The PCs are marines aboard a cog called Otherworldly Obelisk. The ship has berthed in Ragnarrheim, a Viking town of New Vinland, with plans to continue to Port Zangerios, but some of the expected cargo has not arrived. The local trapper was due hours ago with a bundle of valuable ermine pelts. The captain orders the PCs to locate the late trapper and, more importantly, return with the pelts, but something is amiss out in the hoary wilds of Hyperborea.
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Italia - Land of Ancient Magic and Dark Intrigue | Dacia and Thracia - Storm at the Empire's Border by Ares Games
  • SYSTEM: Lex Arcana
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49/$45
  • DESCRIPTION: Italia describes the rich and varied Province of Italia where Rome itself was born, Italia is the very heart of the Empire and the home to its most ancient Gods. Here the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana (the Player Characters) must confront dangerous monsters and supernatural entities, hidden cults, forgotten enemies, and vast conspiracies. Dacia covers the wild and dangerous Provinces of Dacia and Thracia and offers a report about cold and lethal Scythia, the land which lays beyond the Danube border. These harsh and merciless borderlands, dominated by eerie roars and the pervasive clanging of steel, are haunted by primal terrors, bloodthirsty monsters, and marauders who have crossed the border to plunder the Empire`s outposts.
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Tales of the RED - Street Stories by R. Talsorian
  • SYSTEM: Cyberpunk Red
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: A Mission book collection of nine full-length missions ready for a Crew to play through. Night City is a big place, full of wild parties, dead bodies, and neon lights. The city hates the Crew. The city loves the Crew. They feel the same. Beneath the thin layer of advertising and grime, it’s got some tales to tell of vicious gangs, hellbent artificial intelligence, and love. The Crew will meet suave mercenaries and movie stars, and even take a ride in a submarine. They’ll fight cyberpsychos, dirty reporters, rival Edgerunners, and a high-flying assault team.
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