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This week has all the wonderful weirdness of RPGs. Exalted Funeral has four supplements that I can’t really describe because I’m not sure I understand them. But I’m glad they exist. There are two adventures for systemless sci-fi horror and also, they could lead you, as they have me, to additional adventures involving boating, garbage, and vampires. GM booklets arrive to help with mapping and notetaking along with spells for The Black Hack. A brand new RPG for kids teaches them not just to play but also to GM and includes options like maps, dice, and cardboard minis. And a d4 of confusion rounds out an exciting week of diverse content. Weeks like this one make me proud to be a gamer. Now I’m off to avoid a confrontation with an elephant demon of superior evaporation.

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Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

70 crapland bestiary a 6ick and tiered.JPG
70 a comic.JPG
70 a comic 2.JPG

Crapland 2 | A6ick and Tiered a Crapland Bestiary | A Comic | A Comic 2 by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: crapland. splatter edition/Troika! Numinous Edition and systemless
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $30/$15/$18/$20
  • DESCRIPTION: Look, I don’t actually understand what any of these RPGs actually are, so feel free to explore. Crapland 2 offers bored surrealism in random table form inspired by David Lynch’s DumbLand. From the author: “It’s based on the absurd premise that you’ve slipped in a convenience store and now you are cursed to wake as a convenience store at some crappy interval.” Most of all, it’s internally consistent and takes itself seriously while also being an absurdist commentary. Included but not limited to: rules for we’re-mart creation (how and when you slipped and what kind of store you become along with a demonic true name generator for stores), 3d3 department stores ready to wreak havoc on the local populace (Pastries, Linens, Chainsaws… the usual), a department store turned demonic giant, a strange beast made of segments of televisions (not going into it), and more. A Crapland Bestiary includes this and more: D33 bestiary entries, D36 relics of a past time (weird snapshots in time), and D36 movies (actually they spells played with a DVD player). A Comic is this and more: a neon straw demon with 2 bites and a claw, a very happy entity named drill, a condescending reflection spell entity thing, a cosmic star spiral fish monster, and a horse that: cannot be burned, climbs walls, and is named Hoarse. A Comic 2 is more as well as this: a literal car crash, Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave who summons Dave, a hydra immune to the bane of fairies, a witch that is also a jet, a face stealer, a horse that commands all who crawl on all fours (is this Hoarse and does he command in a hoarse neigh?), and my personal nemesis an elephant demon of superior evaporation.
70 mouth brood.JPG
70 eat the rich.JPG

Mouth Brood | Eat the Rich by Games Omnivorous
  • SYSTEM: systemless sci-fi horror
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Mouth Brood takes place in an odd biosphere stuck in the icy mountains of the Kaskawulsh Glacier (Canada), where the PCs venture to collect specimens of unknown origins. Touch nothing and they're probably safe; start fiddling around and... die. Because the monster is definitely something they don’t want to deal with. Includes alien fauna, otherworldly plants, and devourers of matter and bone all collected in a hot and humid ecosystem trapped in the frozen North. I’m going to talk about the author because her other RPGs sound so amazing: Amanda Lee Franck is an American writer and illustrator, best known for her boat-based games and adventures, such as You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge and Vampire Cruise. Yeah I’m going to have to order those to go with Death on the Reik and the upcoming DIVE RPG and any aquatic D&D and DCC modules I have. Eat the Rich takes place right above the Earth in a cloud-piercing Spire where the Gods (aka the Rich) have retreated to and dwell in safety. Down Below, all others including the PCs rot trying to survive the hunger, a zombie-like infection. The PCs strive to ascend above and deprive the Rich of their luxuries but they must beware the Devourer, which will feed on them.
70 lore locales.JPG
70 dungeon masters little black book.JPG
70 spell prayer booklet set.JPG

Lore/Locales Booklet Set (Blank) | Dungeon Master's Little Black Book (Blank) | Dungeon Master's Little Black Book with Content | Spell/Prayer Booklet Set (Blank) by Square Hex
  • SYSTEM: systemless old school fantasy and The Black Hack
  • PRODUCT TYPE: booklets
  • RETAIL PRICE: $6.95/$3.79 each for the others
  • DESCRIPTION: Lore/Locales is a booklet of lined pages for GMs to make notes in and one that features alternating pages with grids and hexes for drawing maps in. The DM's Little Black Book Blank Version is a pocket-sized collection of blank tables and grid sheets for DM's to create their own material in. The one with Content features dungeon basics like: Why the Door is Stuck and What the Kobolds are Selling. Every copy comes with a bonus Wheel of Fortune card that can be used to make a standalone wheel or combined with the wheel on the back cover. Spell/Prayer is a pair of mini-booklets that reproduce all the spell listings from the main rules, basic spell casting rules, and each of them has two blank pages at the back for adding details of new spells.
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70 questlings essentials.JPG
70 questlings paladin.JPG

Questlings RPG - Questlings | Questlings RPG – Questlings Essentials Pack | So You Want to Be a Paladin by Letiman Games
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: digest size softcover core rulebook/rulebook and RPG pack/hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.99/$45/$14.99
  • DESCRIPTION: In the Questlings RPG, PCs are a group of young characters out to explore a wide and wonderful fantasy world. PCs take on dual roles of one of the Questlings kids and their inner hero and tackle the threats that face their heroic avatars and the challenges that everyday life brings. The game guides GMs through a dual-world map accompanied by a story book to give them a framework for roleplaying and building a story together, making it easy for new GMs to run a game. The Essentials Pack includes the rulebook along with a map (11 x 17 inches), six double-sided bookmarks, six dry erase player sheets, and 13 dice. In So You Want to Be a Paladin the characters go on journeys that involve friendship, heart, and being true to oneself.
70 d4 of confusion.JPG

D4 of Confusion "Enchanter's Dirty Secret" by RPG Dice
  • SYSTEM: D&D and/or clone of your choice
  • PRODUCT TYPE: die four of confusion
  • RETAIL PRICE: $5.99
  • DESCRIPTION: I really can’t say it better than the creator: “This die is perfect for rolling the random Confused actions of targeted NPCs and monsters. We know, it could’ve been a d8 … but then it wouldn’t have been a d4! And no one makes custom d4s, am I right? Right? Caltrops are the best?" Crickets "Anyway, enjoy such random actions as the die allows!”

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