RPG purchases you know you'll never use

Bragg Battleaxe

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The Slayers guides from Mongoose, and the Dungeons, Evil, Dragons, Undead... series from AEG. I enjoyed both of them, but I realized after reading Evil that I had been entertained and nothing else. There really isn't anything there I didn't already use and the products had no impact on the game itself.

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Henry said:
Lost Souls and Continuum are my two big regrets.

Lost souls was the best "afterlife" type RPG I've ever seen (including compared to White Wolf's Wraith, which to me is so depressing I CANNOT play it.)

Lost Souls from Sage Lore, and later Marquee Press? It's a fantastic game! True, I haven't gotten to play it in years, but where there's will-to-live, there's hope.

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Morrow said:
...True, I haven't gotten to play it in years, but where there's will-to-live, there's hope.

Darn you, yes, that's the one. :)

One of these days, I need to rent Ghost for the group, prep a one-shot game, and play.

No, scratch Ghost. Just remembered the pottery scene. :D But an excellent example of Lost Souls, IMO.

Dave Blewer

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Nobilis For me... I love the game, but doubt I will ever play it.

I have resisted buying the ELH, just not my cup of tea. Dieties and Demigods was a bust apart from collecting all the Domains in one place...

Epic Level Handbook

I did buy the Epic Level Handbook (back when it was selling for a riduculously low price at buy.com) thinking that I'd never use it, but given the higher level adventures that have recently been published by Dungeon, I'm very well tempted to give it a try!


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So many books...and so many not used.

I think, outside of one-shot adventures, I've never had much use for anything of mine outside of WEG Star Wars and D&D.

2300AD\Traveller: 2300 (An excellent game background, I buy these whenever I see them just for the reading materials!)

Traveller (any version, love the setting)

Amazing Engine supplements

GURPS: Russia (are there any other fans of medeival Russia around? Brilliantly researched book!)

GURPS: Prime Directive

And so much more. As someone else has already said, "I read RPGs like others read novels." I agree wholeheartedly. I'll buy any book I see that looks interesting.

Plus, after reading anything, I'm sure its used, knowingly or not, as inspirations somewhere down the road.



Sage of the Scarred Lands
VorpalBunny said:
Man, I hope my wife doesn't see this... ;)

Stuff I own but haven't got around to GM'ing/playing yet (though still hoping to)...

White Wolf's Scarred Lands setting

Mmm wish you were near me, I'd love to have you as a player in RL.


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thundershot said:
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (only a few bits that I actually use from it)

Deities & Demigods (I'd love to use it, but alas... it IS a great book)

Twilight of Atlantis (pretty cover.. not enough "crunch" for me inside)

Hackmaster (I SO want to play it, since I have all of the books, but my players refuse because characters don't last long, and they take forever to make)


Ill second the Hackmaster vote. I dropped big bucks on all the core stuff (the hacklopedia of beasts full collection included) only to find my players liked 3e much better :(


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I've picked up the HM core books and adventures thus far.

The adventures (B1 and B2) are great in my opinion. Excellent rethinkings of the original material, and great source (especially B2) for a campaign setting.

Either I'm going to play HM one of these days, or use the material in a 3e or 2e campaign.

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