Rumors on the Roads


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The parchment appears to be posted by a muddy hand, written in the poor script of a commoner with the dialect of Greyhawk, but with no signature or other marks to define the author

Be wary, me friends!

A terrible plague has beset the village of Pitchfield, and is spreading from traveler to towns far and wide! Few of us have lived, and come to warn ye to avoid the southern road! Keep to yerself! Beware the strangers!

Methinks the Gods did this to us...all who tended to mass have been stricken dead by the disease. The priest of Pelor wants us for dead with his chrysmal blessing. The holy water has damned us all!

If ye dare venture to the south, stop the madmen before the wrath of the sun is brought down upon us all!

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First Post
foul work

there are demons afoot who will try to sway you from the sun of not believe thier vile words, for they are the ones who have caused this malady..beware of the the night! for demons wait to take your souls!

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