Level Up (A5E) Running A5E rules and mechanics in a O5E game


I'm planning an upcoming campaign for over the summer, and I'm loving so much about the A5E books that I want to include a number of things in them! But one of the things I don't want to include are the A5E classes - at least not yet.

But I do however want to run the Exploration mechanics, Strongholds and Followers, Maladies, the rules for weapons and armor, crafting and maintenance, and magic items. But I'm not sure if I'm missing something, if there are some of these things that won't work with O5E characters.

Basically what I'm asking is, are there things in the books that require A5E characters to work properly, besides character creation options? Or is it mostly the other way around, that A5E characters might need other things from the A5E books?

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For the most part, the things you mentioned there should work just fine. There are a few features that would require a bit of thought or conversation to make sure you know how far you are picking it up and placing it in an otherwise o5e game. For example: adding an expertise die to a roll is pretty simple by itself but does anything change if the character already has o5e expertise? For the most part, those will be easy things to answer but it's worth knowing you'll have to cut the strings somewhere so you aren't surprised when a player tries to use something you didn't plan.


Yeah, in regards to things like Weapon Mechanics and armor mechanics, I feel that adds a good bit of depth to an otherwise lacking equipment system from O5e, those port over nicely, and things such as Parrying and such adding a 1d4 to AC is pretty simple without any translation needed. As for the other systems, they're very nicely compatible with o5e aside from Fatigue/strife conversion to exhaustion.


I've been running an ongoing O5e campaign that I've successfully imported a number of AE5 features pretty seamlessly. I've used Journeys, Levelup Monster Blocks, and some of the magic items and equipment. Sometimes there's a matter of translating fatigue for exhaustion, or one skill for another but so far nothing has given me pause.

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