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Running This with That



I have many times, with many game systems. My most recent project is my Age of Worms mish-mash. I'm using the old TSR Star Frontiers sci-fi rpg. :) Basically, Kyuss is an ancient inhabitant of Greyhawk, and then had his consciousness converted into some kind of twisted AI, and merged with an old AI-Virus of the Sathar. Dragotha has become an insane Dreadnaught warship that haunts a particular area of an asteroid belt that orbits the planet Greyhawk. The three bad-gods that initially start the adventure play a bigger part, but aren't gods; they are sector CEO's of three of the major corporations of the frontier, scheeming together to try and get richer and gain more power over this sector of the frontier. Hmmm, lets see, oh, the Rod of Law was some kind of item (device, weapon, ship, nobody knows) that was created by an alien race who were known as the Wind Duke and they came from another planet where the Sathar originate from.

Basically, I'm just "converting to a sci-fi setting" everything in the AoW AP and Greyhawk itself. Lots of fun! :D


Paul L. Ming

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Feline buccaneer
Interesting that you mentioned Blowback. I'm about to run a Burn Notice game using the Night's Black Agents (the new super spy Gumshoe game) rules. Can't wait.


First Post
I played in a Firefly game using Deadlands once. It worked out pretty well. A different group played a space opera Alpha Centauri-esque game with 4e and Star Wars Saga at different times.


Staff member
Mmmmm- a Burn Notice type game...in Paranoia!

Michael-B-WES 10 (voiceover): "When you’re burned, you’ve got nothing. No clones, no credit, no job history. You’re stuck in whatever complex they decide to dump you in."

Michael-B-WES 10 : "Where am I?"
Fiona-G-LEN 9: "Alpha Complex."

Level Up!

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