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Sandy Petersen's recent statements on colonialism, transgender athletes, and homeschooling

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So Sandy Petersen has been saying... "stuff".

Three days ago, The Atlantic published this piece discussing themes of colonialism in board games:

Petersen tweeted this in response:

Later, in an unrelated series of tweets, he complained about the presence of transgender athletes in competitive sports:

He also apparently follows the infamous Varg Vikernes on Twitter, and recently conversed with him about homeschooling in Germany:

So uh, yeah. That happened.

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Hobbit on Quest (he/him)
Totally with him on the board game issue. Playing a historically-inspired board game doesn’t mean you support historical atrocities any more than playing Nuclear War meant you supported nuclear Armageddon or that playing a D&D cleric meant you were engaging in Satan worship. That’s really starting to drift over into BADD territory.

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