Satire of Bravery Question


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One part of the Satire of Bravery Lvl 5 Bard Daily says something about the target coming closer to the caster(since you can push 3 squares with it that helps alot)

It doesn't mention how long this is in effect. Is it jsut for the next turn or is it for the encounter? Or is it just once?

Granted it only does 1d6+cha and the enemy is only dazed, but hey My bard takes damage where she can get it...

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The power's pretty straight forward.

It says that the target takes blah damage and 'is affected by the satire of bravery (save ends).'

It then says that while affected by the satire of bravery, the target will take damage if it ends a turn closer than where it started, and be dazed.

So... the damage occurs if the conditions are met while affected by the satire... which will end on a save. The dazed condition will last until the end of the turn after it gets dazed, and is not affected by the save.

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