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Why does Saxby leave the RHC at the end of adventure 3, making room for Stover Delft? As far as I understand, she thinks her connection to the Obscurati is revealed, but I don't see how. The only thing I see is that Xambria mentions her connection to the Ob to the players. However:
1. At this point Saxby doesn't even know Xambria has said this.
2. Xambria, basically a deranged women at this point, isn't really a reliable witness. Why would Saxby care if Xambria mentions it to the PC's?
Am I forgetting some other proof that Saxby is involved?

By the way, I really like this adventure path. We started almost 2 years ago, and are now almost at the end of adventure 3. I already read adventure 4, and are looking forward to running it.
I also will be running War of the Burning Sky for another group, hopefully it is the same excekent quality as this adventure!

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well, she knows the PCs have captured and likely interrogated xambria, especially since she just got mugged by xambria-with-an-alien-in-her-head. xambria is connected to kaja by the staff the player's found kaja about, and saxby knows kaja was part of macbannin's operation - for all saxby knows, xambria somehow found out through kaja that saxby was involved with macbannin.

now of course, that's a bit of a wild assumption to make, but saxby's also currently in a building filled with madness-causing extraplanars (which is supposed to be literally impossible from her understanding) and that's phasing in and out of existence every few seconds. i think it's safe to say she's probably a little paranoid.

Andrew Moreton

Saxby has to be very careful, if there is suspicion of her as an enemy agent she has no rights, Even today someone in her position would have very limited rights to avoid investigation in this world she has none, She is a very senior officer in the crown intelligence agency and has got away so far because she is protected against divination by her Ob Ring. Given the number of traitors Risur has found so far asking all intelligence officers to affirm their loyalty after having had a dominate person spell cast on them by Harkover or another senior mage, At which point she is caught, so getting the hell out of there before the inqusition is a good idea.
I also seem to recall by the time she bugged out my players were pretty certain she was an Ob agent. Which is more than enough reason to confirm her loyalty


Yeah I always struggled a bit with Saxby's actions in Adventure 3.

She's supposed to be a smooth political operator, but then she basically throws it away to have the B-team defend her from the party and flees the city.


First Post
I going to run this part in the next weeks. I added small details to make it more plausible for me.
1. Saxby was never told about the Ob by McBannin. She also wears no RING but was only told to look out for them on prisoners.
2. But since she is smart, after some time she figured out (way before McBannin did) that something is wrong about this 'military secret research' McBannin is referring to.
3. Because she already committed treason, she wants to join the Ob on her on will. But after McBannins death, she has no contact.
4. When she sees the starmap collected by the second team from the McBannin Manor, she realized this might be her entry into the conspiracy.
5. With the audit ongoing, she needs to keep a low profile, but getting more nervous every day.
6. The combination of extra planar energies and a monster asking about the starmap, she simply snapps. Taking her best possible route. Taking the starmap with her.


In my campaign she was OB, She managed to escape during the final encounter on the adventure and they only next found her in the prison cells during the convocation in adventure 7. Mostly because I forgot to add her in a Beran bar they entered during adventure 6. Would have been hilarious for them to recognise her there.

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