Searching the River Styx: A Hellish 5th Edition Adventure!

New for EN5ider patrons! In this 5th Edition adventure, the PCs find themselves dead, and at the entrance to Hell itself! The River Styx, a demiplane populated by daemons tasked with shepherding souls to their final destination, is the setting for this adventure which can be run as a one-off, or used when the entire party is killed in the course of adventuring. Will they survive the Cavern of Gluttony, the grasping of the damned, the soul shriek of utter torment, the Altar to Heresy, and the the Grotto of Avarice? Can they help the fallen angel Sotira, and so gain their freedom and their lives?

This adventure uses a scaling system to allow it to be used for PCs from 3rd-16th level. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Ellis Goodson. Become a patron now and get this and over 100 other 5E supplements and adventures.


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