Pathfinder 1E Second Darkness (RoleMaster rules) - RG


So it is time to get this party on the road to some great fun.

Anyone wishing to join we still need a full time healer and a roguish character.

For those already in please copy/paste the sheets I gave you here and fill out the descriptions.

Jerrod - human alchemist - player: hero4hire
Finn - human magnus - player: Yavathol
Gunther - human fighter - player: jonathonhawke


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Armor Type: 2 (clothing) DB: +5
Hits: 22
Favored Weapons
MELEE: short sword, spear
RANGE: spear

Power Points: 2 (+1 spell adder/1st lvl only)
Base Attack: +11
Spell Lists/Spells
Spirit Mastery: 1-Sleep V, 2-Charm Kind
Linguistics: 1-Study I, 2-Text Analysis I

nothing yet

Languages: Common, Ancient Thassilonian
Key Skills: Runes, Staves/Wands
Secondary Skills: Heal, Spellcraft, Knowledges (arcana, history, planes, religion, nature)
Aura: +1 PP per level (added in)
Potent Magical Ability: +10 to Base Spell Attacks (already added in)

short sword w/scabbard
weapon belt - holds 2 scabbards, 3 pouches
clothing, common
coat, common
cloak (no hood)
backpack - holds 20lbs
couple books on loan from Cypher Lodge - light reading
candles(5) - lights 20' diameter; burns 2 hours
flint and steel - starts fire in 3 min
case: water resistant, leather
- journal - 50 pages
lantern - lights 50' diameter
oil flasks(2) - 1 pint; burns 6 hours, refillable
mirror - 6"x4" silvered
quills(5) - goose
clothing, common - extra set
coin pouch:
- iron coin: simple coin sharpened on one edge, used to cut cloth or rope
- loose coins
medical kit (small pouch containing): 20 small bandages, 10 large bandages, vial of alcohol, scapel, tweezers, scissors, 5 needles, 10' thread, small saw, and 10' twine
herb pouch: water resistant; foldable wallet-like pouch
has 20 small indiviual pouches and 5 vial slots
- arfandas(1 dose): doubles rate of healing for fractures
- aloe(3 doses): doubles healing rate for burns and minor cuts. Heals 5 hits if they result from burns.
- arnuninas(1 dose): doubles rate of healing for sprains, torn ligaments, and cartilage damage
- akbutege(3 doses): heals 1d10 hits
- draaf(1 dose): heals 1d10 hits for each of 2 consecutive rounds

Magical Treasure:
- ring: silver with cobalt stones, +1 spell adder

GP: 00 CP: 09
SP: 04 TP: 04
BP: 07 IP: 00

-Sex: Male
-Age: 22
-Height: 5'11"
-Weight: 145 lbs
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Black
-Appearance: Average looking young man in gray and brown robes, normally with his hood pulled up when outside.

Brushing his brown hair back with an ink stained hand, the young man unwittingly muttered aloud as he gathered his thoughts. What is the nature of reality? How do space-time, life-blood, material objects, magic and consciousness-dreams-emotions interact? Though he had spoken to many wise people before his entrance to the academy, philosophers and priests, old women with grandchildren to laconic woodsmen, they had all, individually, seemed to follow a paradigm which was constrained in some manner, choosing certain aspects of reality as being more important while ignoring others, none seeking to explain existence as a whole!

Indeed, several of those worthies seemed to think it folly to ask such questions, emphasising that one should just accept a limited understanding. But Finn was convinced that it was worth the effort, and that progress could be made by careful study, identifying independent variables and distinguishing causation from correlation, a view shared by several Magi here at the academy.

He smiled, remembering how proud his family had been when they learnt he had been granted admission to the academy, free of charge. A tanner's son, no less! Granted, at some point the Magi would demand some service from him, but that was a thought for another day. His mother, Elphera, remarked that she could finally serve the family meal without having to answer endless questions on what fish ate, whether they had souls like humans, and what happened to them after death.

Realising the time had come for his weapons training, Finn rapidly ran to the field. He realised that his studies would take a long time, and knew the wisdom of keeping his body fit and, in this dangerous world, of learning to defend himself should his spells ever be unavailable to him. Wielding a spear would hopefully cover the case when he was in the open or attacked by a monster; while learning the shortsword was a contingency for fighting indoors or against humanoids. He drew the line at learning to fight in armour though, if he was unable to magically protect himself then disengaging and fleeing while unencumbered seemed the most prudent strategy.

He smiled at his sparring partner as he picked up his training spear. In truth, it was a welcome break for his overworked mind to be forced to focus on the immediate matter at hand. Trying to stay impassive and serious, the other student didn't return his smile, but Finn saw it in his eyes. The earnest and open young man was generally liked, though unbeknownst to him, some found him overly cerebral and logical, lacking a little in fun or creativity.




Spirit Mastery
1-Sleep V
- Area of Effect: field of vision
- Casting Time: (Class 3) 2 rounds preparation/ 1 round effect
- Duration: ---
- Range: 100'

Causes target(s) to fall into a natural sleep; the total number of levels that can be affected is 5 (e.g., 5 targets of level 1; 1 of level 4 and 1 of level 1; 2 of level 2 and 1 of level 1, etc). All target(s) must be in the caster's field of vision. The caster should asign target priority, i.e. which is the 1st potential target, the 2nd, etc.

2-Charm Kind
- Area of Effect: one target humaniod
- Casting Time: (Class 3), 2 rounds preapreation/ 1 round effect
- Duration: One hour/level
- Range: 100'

Target believes caster is a good friend.

1-Study I:
- Area of Effect: self
- Casting Time: (Class 3), 2 rounds preperation/ 1 round effect
- Duration: concentration on specific information or book (becomes permanent knowledge)
- Range: ----

Allows the caster to retain anything he reads or learns as if he had a photographic memory with total recall.

2-Text Analysis I
- Area of Effect: self
- Casting Time: (Class 3), 2 rounds preperation/ 1 round effect
- Duration: 10 min/lvl
- Range: ----

Caster can read text written in an unknown language, but only understands basic concepts from it. The caster will know what language the work is written in, and the author if he is noteworthy or the caster has seen his work before.

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Armor Type: 13 (chain shirt) DB: +35 (+10 w/o shield)
Hits: 50
Favored Weapons
brodrack +48
As broadsword, angle towards (slash) deals slash crits, angle away (hack) deals krush crits
AT RangeSlashHack
dagger +28
spear +23
unarmed strike +18​
dagger +18
spear +18
light crossbow +23​

Power Points: 1
Base Attack: +0
Spell Lists/Spells
nothing yet

Adrenal Move (Strength) +40
focus to gain +10 OB on next attack​

Common 7/6
Varisian 5/4
Shoanti 3/3​
Key Skills:
Perception +5​
Secondary Skills:
Streetwise +30
Diplomacy +25
Intimidate +20
Climbing +16
Swimming +16
Knowledge (local) +15
Bluff +15
Stalk +15
Survival +11
Tracking +6
Sense Motive +5
Knowledge (history) +5
Heal +0
Hide +0
Brodrack w/Scabbard (belt)
Dagger w/Scabbard (belt)
Weapon Belt, holds 2 scabbards, 3 pouches
common clothes
Chain Shirt
Full Shield (+25 vs. melee or missile)
Arm Greaves (Protect vs. arm crits)
Leg Greaves (Protect vs. leg crits)
Pot Helm
-Aventail (Chain neck armor, attaches to helm)
Waterskin (holds 1 pint) w/Ale (1 pint)
belt pouch: holds 12lbs
-Flint & Steel
-akbutege (3 doses), heals 1-10 hits
-ulginor (1 slice left), 1 days nutrition, tastes of cheese and spinach, keeps 1-2 months
coin purse: holds 6lbs
- loose coins

Magical Treasure:
- sister's locket: +5 to all RRs

GP: 00 CP: 05
SP: 11 TP: 05
BP: 09 IP: 00

-Sex: Male
-Age: 23
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 180
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Brown
-Scars/Tatoos: none

Gunther grew up in Riddleport and has lived nowhere else. He has a good knowledge of the landscape and minor knowledge of the politics of the area. (Golden Rule - Don't get caught, and you may do anything you wish in Riddleport.) Because he was big and strong and healthy, he was recruited into the Gendarmes. Life was going well.
Then the Blot appeared. His family left town in fear, but he remained, bound by his duty. Before she left, his little sister gave him a locket with a drawing of her inside.
Soon after that, he caught the wrong person breaking the law, learned that the Golden Rule didn't apply to everyone, and found himself cashiered from the Gendarmes.
In need of employment, he thought that the Gold Goblin might have new positions after the upcoming tournament. He should check it out.
The fee to the tournament took most of his remaining cash, but he was inside, waiting for the tournament to start.[/sblock]
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Tour of The Golden Goblin:


The Golden Goblin:
This grand establishment has seen better days. A wide veranda runs along the front between two short wings of the building. A massive, brass half-dome tops the building, but it is now tarnished and marred by the impact of years of weathering and bears a patina of greenish brown.

1. Grand Entrance
Standing before the main doors of the building is an 8-foot-tall statue cast in shining gold to resemble a larger than-life goblin. It balances a golden dogslicer on a pile of gold as it smiles smugly down on all customers who pass beneath its gaze.

The doors themselves are of a strong dark wood imported from southern lands and are decorated with multiple panels depicting signs of luck and good fortune (four-leaf clovers, crossed fingers, and so on). They can be locked and barred from the inside.

2. Casino Floor
The casino floor is a wide room carpeted in rich red that has been recently patched in many places. Spread throughout the chamber are tables where different games are run. The floor hours are usually 12:00 pm to 3:00 am. Silken banners hang from floor to ceiling along the walls, and wide vertical blinds are drawn over the windows when morning light begins to peer in from the east. The chamber has a false ceiling 20 feet above, draped in layers of horizontally hung, gauzy beige curtains (in actuality there is no ceiling directly above these curtains—see area
30). Light is provided by numerous chandeliers hanging below this false ceiling as well as several large copper braziers spaced around the room with live coals to give the chamber a more hellish light for the tournament. At the back of the chamber between the kitchen doors is a small dais bearing a bust of Desna, goddess of luck.

3. Cashier
This foyer provides access to the cashiers’ counter, which is secured by a row of vertical bars set firmly into the stone floor.

4. Cashiers’ Cage
Two cashiers work here during operating hours. There are chips in various denominations totaling 10,000 gp stored in here at any one time.

5. Guardroom
Two full-time guards, Hans and Beyar, reside in this chamber and guard access to the cashiers and vaults. One usually guards the cashier while the other watches over the daily cash storage during operating hours, taking only
occasional breaks one at a time.

6. Daily Cash Storage
This locked room holds the daily chips and monetary fund. There are another 10,000 gp in chips stored in this room. As with all of the other chips at the Golden Goblin, these are unique to the establishment and worthless outside its doors. One cashier and Beyar are usually here during operating hours.

7. Counting Room
After closing, several of the guards and trusted staff members retire here with Vancaskerkin to count the day’s receipts and secure them in the night vault. At all other times, this room holds only a table with a few chairs and some slates with pieces of chalk. It is otherwise kept
meticulously clean.

8. Night Vault
The door to this reinforced chamber is composed of 6 inches of solid steel. Its hinges are securely nested in the stone wall. Seven keyholes and a locking wheel are set in the center of the door. Only Saul is allowed to enter the Night Vault.

9. Floor Manager’s Office
This office is outfitted with an elaborate mahogany desk and a comfortable chair. Before the desk sit two more chairs of less-comfortable design with manacles set into their arms. The walls are painted a flat black, and a single candelabra provides only a dim light. The desk is covered in records and receipts from the day-to-day running of the establishment, and this chamber is likewise where Larur Feldin and a few of the guards sweat anyone caught or suspected of cheating the house.

10. Private Dining Rooms
These rooms are comfortably appointed and hold two or three tables and a dozen or more chairs. Normally they are rented out for private parties at a rate of 1 sp per head per hour. When rented privately, all food and drink prices are triple what is charged elsewhere in the casino.[/sblock]
11.Cellar Entrance
A lone guard normally monitors those entering this chamber. Within is only a simple wooden staircase descending into the cellar.

This massive chamber houses the true heart of the gambling hall—its kitchen. Staffed by a dozen cooks, it remains open from 11 am to 11 pm, serving all manner of dishes and snacks. Side pantries hold dry goods and serve as cold storage for sides of meat and fresh vegetables. While open, the kitchen serves meals and standard fare at one-half normal prices.

13. Scullery
A wooden tub holds grimy water and a smattering of soapsuds for cleaning the multitude of platters, trenchers, jacks, and cutlery used in the Gold Goblin. Firewood is stored just outside the back door and is distributed to the hall’s various fireplaces once per day.

14. Staff Lounge
This simple chamber holds a few battered chairs and cushions for tired employees to use when on the short breaks that Vancaskerkin allows them. A stair rises to the second floor. A spittoon in
one corner is about half full of foulsmelling remnants.

15. The Goblin’s Tankard
This bar serves the entire house with a constant line of serving wenches taking orders and carrying trays of drinks between the bar and the casino floor. Two bartenders work the bar during the casino’s hours, serving drinks and occasionally picking a sot’s pocket. A long bar of polished wood extends along the back wall of the room and curves around at the end. Behind are mirrored shelves holding all manner of glassware as well as kegs of ale, beer, and mead and bottles of wine and liquor. At each end of the bar is a large tip jar.

16. Public Privies
Each of these rooms is a simple privy that can accommodate four people at once with a modicum of privacy. The door of one is marked with a sword and the other a cup (sometimes leading to considerable confusion as to which serves what gender and creating the occasional embarrassing
situation). Vancaskerkin is aware of the confusion this antiquated symbolism causes, but finds humor in the faux pas that sometimes occur.

17. Atrium
This chamber serves as the entrance to the guest wing. It is floored in white marble, although the hallway and rooms themselves have only thin, somewhat worn carpet over wooden planks. In the center of the chamber stands a marble statue that once depicted a robed maiden holding a harp, although its head and one arm are now broken away and missing. Vancaskerkin passes this off as an ancient piece of art, but actually got it cheap from a shipment of art that was damaged in transit.

18. Master Suite
This suite consists of a large anteroom with a chaise longue and two chairs as well as a master bedroom with a kingsized feather bed and modest furnishings. It is rented for 5sp per night.

19. Guest Rooms
These rooms are simply yet comfortably furnished with a double bed, table and chairs, and a fireplace. They are let for 5cp per night.

20. Guest Suite
This room is basically identical to the other guest rooms, save it has a small side room with two cots that can be used for manservants or storage. Its nightly rate is 5bp.

21. Linens
This closet holds the linens for the guest wing. They are replaced by a laundry service once a week.[/sblock]

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