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WOIN Secret of Space Advice

I'm looking for some creative advice on the use of the secret of space in the O.L.D. magic system. My character has every magic skill except illude, enchant, and transform. Though I'll be getting 1 rank in each as soon as enough xp is earned probably.

My current ideas, inspired by uses in the book, are; Pocket dimension for a camp site, hiding, or storage. And a mobile scout with divine skill.

I've got shadow, death, undeath, humanoids, fire, as other secrets. With 1 other open secret available to pick.

I got 2 secrets from loremaster, and was initially thinking metal and earth. But space has a few uses, and I'm just hoping for a few more ideas on things I could use it for to sway me on picking it.

Thanks for anything you come up with!

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Prodigal Member
Both of those uses - pocket dimension and scrying - are useful, and different from what your other secrets offer. I'd say space is a good choice.

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