Seduction = Bluff or Seduction = Diplomacy

How do you handle seduction attempts in your game?

  • Seduction = Bluff

    Votes: 46 59.7%
  • Seduction = Diplomacy

    Votes: 13 16.9%
  • We handle this with a house rule -- Seduction skill or something else

    Votes: 9 11.7%
  • Seduction? We don't need no seduction. Seduction is for wimps and wussie elves

    Votes: 9 11.7%

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Ashwyn said:
I'm not sure which I would use, but I'm inclined to think that Orcs would use Intimidate.
Teddy bear! :eek: [Chuckle.] I think you're probably right, though - and for once, that charisma penalty to the score makes sense.

I voted "who needs seduction," by the way.


First Post
Terraism said:

Teddy bear! :eek: [Chuckle.] I think you're probably right, though - and for once, that charisma penalty to the score makes sense.

Now that I think about it, lots of skills could be used for seduction. For a woman who is particularly well endowed, Jump. In the right situation, Pick Pocket could be useful. You could use Perform to do a dance that would seduce someone. And for those with very low Charisma, there's always Handle Animal. Good day!

David Argall

First Post

"I think it would depend on the intent of the seduction. If the character was merely seducing out of a desire for anything other than the affection of the mark, then it would be a Bluff skill. If, however, if the character really wanted to attract a potential mate through seduction, then it would be a diplomacy check.

Working with the rules as they stand, I think it works well (enough),"

That should be the basics. Bluff assumes you have something to hide, so if your intentions are hump and dump, or persuade the guard to leave his post, or... a bluff check is in order. And if your intentions are "honorable" [which would include offering gold..], it's a diplomacy check.

But there are a lot of complications. When she asks if the dress makes her look fat, a bluff check is definitely in order [or a con check on your attempt to run at top speed.] And most seductions will involve more than one roll, and most of them will be diplomacy rolls whatever your intentions.

Some cases will involve both rolls. You fail the bluff, she knows you just want her body. But you get a really great diplomacy roll and she decides you are a great guy worth giving it to.


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For me, the Bluff skill is merely for lying/cheating, etc. Players roll this skill against Sense Motive, etc.

Whereas using the Diplomacy skill doesn't mean that you have to be truthful. Cheating even helps, look at the synergy bonus from Bluff. Therefore, I would let my players roll a Diplomacy check, independent of their motives.

If in turn the NPC being seducted tries a Sense Motive check to look through the motives, the players might have to roll Bluff.

Therefore, I voted for "Diplomacy".

One can also think of if the bard should be allowed to take Perform (Seduction).



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I put House Rule, mainly because, like the other folks here, I vary it based on intent. I tend to allow either Diplomacy or Perform for people who really like the person they're attempting to seduce, and Bluff or Perform for people who are attempting to seduce someone with a motive, be it "Just getting some action", lifting their purse later, or distracting them while the party sneaks by.

I only allow Perform if "Acting" is listed as one of the character's Perform skills, though.

And in general, it's not worth rolling for. Characters in my game usually roleplay their significant others, and using sex as a weapon has never been an issue.



Creature Cataloguer
keep in mind, with synergy bonuses, you can use perform and another Charisma-based skill at the same time. :) ergo, a bard can sing a song to a woman, enhancing his bluff roll.


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We made Seduction an entirely new skill, sicne it incorporates elements from both Bluff and Diplomacy. Seduction is a fine art that takes place over time - it's not trying to get someone into bed for a one-night stand, or trying to pull the guard away from his post (though I guess you could use it that way...). The way we wrote it, you use Seduction to get soemone to do things for you by giving them a little of what they want each time - leading them on, in effect. For anyone who's interested, the Seduction skill appears in Crimson Contracts: The Assassin's Manifesto. (Sorry for the plug - couldn't resist :D )


Mod Squad
Staff member
I'd think it would depend on the situation and exactly what the character is trying to do. Either Diplomacy or Bluff could be appropriate in different settings.

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