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See you at UK Games Expo?

We have a stand in Hall 1 or join us for our live podcast recording on Friday!

Morrus, Jessica and Xin will be at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham UK this weekend. You can find us on stand 1-835 throughout the weekend.

Stop by to say hi and check out all the things we have going on over the weekend!
  • A live podcast recording
  • Play our upcoming card game; Split the Hoard
  • Join character creation workshops
  • Play Level Up A5E
  • Buy limited edition collectors copies of the Level Up A5E range


Character Creation Workshops​

Want to try Level Up A5E and see how character creation differs from regular O5E? Then stop by the stand to make your character with the guidance of the EN Publishing team. Take home a paper copy of your character, or a digital version on your phone.

The Awfully Cheerful Engine character creation can be as quick as 5 minutes! Come see how simple and easy this d6 dice pool system and take a character home with you.


Join the Podcast Live Recording​

Join us for a live recording of a podcast all about the latest tabletop roleplaying game news! Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk free event will take place on Friday in the Dice room at 3.30pm.

Come along to take part in the live Q&A! Find out more here.


Play Split the Hoard​

Try out the prototype for Split the Hoard on our stand--a brand new card game we'll be launching later this year.

Split the Hoard is strategic card game for 2 - 5 players and takes about twenty minutes to play.

In the game you take on the role of an adventurer who has achieved the pinnacle of any character’s career, the slaying of an ancient dragon. You and the other players are attempting to claim the best rewards from the hoard.

You score points for treasures specific to your adventurers need and secret agendas. Negotiate, steal or bluff to ensure you get the loot you desire!

If you’re not at the UKGE, and would like to find out more, visit the link here.


Games of Level Up A5E you can sign up to play​

Our volunteer game master still has a couple of spaces available for the one shot adventure The Cursed Village.

The party are hired to delve deeper into a cursed village to uncover the source of a powerful curse that has befallen the community. The players will need to navigate treacherous caves, negotiate with undead guardians, and ultimately use an ancient artifact to break the curse and save the villagers. With opportunities for role-playing, combat, and problem-solving.

Sign up and find out more here.


Collectors Editions of Level Up A5E​

Less than 100 copies of our limited edition covers for Level Up Advanced 5th Edition remain in the world - and there will not be future print runs! We only sell these during our Kickstarters, or at conventions.

Stop by the stand o pickup your copy wrapped in faux leather with gold embossing. Or, if you’re not at UKGE, you get them online as part of the To Save a Kingdom Backerkit pledge manager here.

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