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Hi Everyone.

I am attempting to assemble a D&D music collection for my campaign, and would like to hear from the experts :) what you all think are some good buys. I have a lot of Dead Can Dance, LotR, Carmina Burana, Clanaad, and others, and am going to buy the soundtrack to Gladiator when I gey my paycheck next week.

Soooooo....what would you all recommend for a romping good session?
Enya has a ton of great instrumental pieces on her records--right now I've got on her newest cd and am grooving to A Day Without Rain--good song. Also be sure to check out "Lothlorien" off of her first cd.

What else...try out the cds from Midnight Syndicate--they are fantastic! I have Realm of Shadows and it's good. I can listen to it just for the hell of it, even when I'm not playing D&D. LotR soundtrack is an obvious choice, and gladiator is good too.
Don't forget the sound tracks for Conan the barbarian and highlander(the score that is. Queen's good an all but not exactly what you seem to be looking for).


Soundtracks: City of Lost Children, 7th Gate, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Harry Potter, Buffy (the television show), Clerks, and Conan


Dragon Heart, Blind Guardian, and Dronolans Tower are all great.

You can sample them on for free so thats cool too.


Soundtracks for Conan the Barbarian, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Army of Darkness will not disappoint.

I also used "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Prince Igor" from my Russian collection. Also worth checking out is "Pictures at an Exhibition" for a great processional march-type theme at the end.

Russian Orthodox Chants are great, too. I used it for the music of a choir of dead dwarves, once.



Let's see - tons and tons of movie scores. The Conan movies, The 13th Warrior (one of my favorites), and so on.

Some Juno Reactor. The soundtrack from Riven (the game - really moody music).


Xena and Hercules soundtracks.

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I love that song.:D

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One of the best pieces your going to find for battle music is Karl Orf's "Carmina Burana." Its a series of tracks, songs from the high middle ages I think, and they really kick ass. Some of the most powerful material out there.

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And, if you're a Robert Jordan fan, there's the "Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time" on the Magna Carta Records label.

Soundtrack to Braveheart is good, Depending upon where my characters are I use Metallica, Twisted Sister... and all sorts... just think moods...


I can see that I'm in the minority here, as I tend to play rock music in the background of sessions I run. Why? Cuz I like it? For me, it works, but YMMV. Whenever I listen to Dinosaur Jr. I still think of Dark Sun though...:D

However, even if you aren't interested in the rocknroll DnD idea (but you'd be missing out, hehe) EVERYONE EVERYWHERE should check out anything by Cradle of Filth. You will die, one way or the other. The best approximation I can give is this:

Imagine Mozart, Ozzy Osbourne, Satan and Demogorgan getting absolutely wacked on speed and acid and gettin' it on, then having kids. The first, of course, would be Tenacious D, but the second would be Cradle of Filth :eek:

I can't say that I would ever use this in a game (as the players would all implode from shock/laughter/horror) but it's good (?) to know that ts out there.