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Sell me a chop sockey game


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Lately I've been wanting something different, and I've been thinking of picking up either HKAT or Feng Shui. I have no experience with either system. I'm wondering what each system is like, how they work, what the support is like, etc. Also, I know that each system has different editions out by different companies (ie 1st ed Feng Shui was Daedalus, 2nd ed is Atlas), so I'm curious about the differences between editions as well.

Can some of you systems fans lay things out for me? How does each game play, and which edition should I look for?


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Xombie Master

First Post
All flesh must be purchased!

Seriously pick up:
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Enter the Zombie

Zombies and Kung-Fu! Giggity Giggity All Right!


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Got 'em. Heck, I've even got a samurai-themed Deadworld getting published in the upcoming campaign setting book.

However, I was looking for something a little more general, and a little less "zombie martial artists try to strangle you with their own intestines." Not that there's anything wrong with that, once in a while. :cool:

So, who else has game suggestions or stories?


Clockwork Golem
Feng Shui fulfils all my hong-kong style cravings with style and flair, and has the added advantage of being flexible enough to be used for other systems. I've run a FS con game where the players were two-fisted pulp adventurers fighting the nazi menace, and I've got friends that are using it their system of choice for a cyberpunk manga campaign and an Eberron game.

I hear good things about HKAT, but haven't ever plaid it.

If you want to stick with d20, RPGObjects Blood and Fist line does a fine job of setting up the martial arts genre in a d20 modern setting.


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Cool, thanks for info everyone. The story hour doesn't seem to have any mechanics stuff, though. Can someone give me an idea of how the system itself actually works? What kind of character options are there, how open are the mechanics, how do they play?

And no HKAT fans out there? :(

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