Servants of the Winter Court: 3 Wintry Themed Fey NPCs for 5E

In our final EN5ider item of the month - and, indeed, the year - we introduce three themed fey NPCs. Grimollo the Voice Thief will steal your very words; Missus Silverbeak is a giant talking fairy owl; and Snowblind is the Knight of the Winter Wastes. By James Haek; illustrated by EIlis Goodson and Egil Thompson. Happy New Year, everybody, and let's have a great 2017 for EN5ider!

Other items this last month include:

  • While You Were Out. A range of archetypal NPC concepts and associated plot suggestions help you to build compelling and memorable emotial links in your players' minds. The Monster in the Forest, The Little Hero, The Mentor, The Strange Bedfellow, and more, are presented in this article by Steven W. Zundel 2nd. Illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • Blessings of the Beyond. Benisons are a moderate supernatural gift type, somewhere between a charm and a blessing. This article introduces seven example benisons - Benison of Servile Conjuration, Benison of the Distant Gate, Benison of the Crystal Sphere, and more - along with game advice for the use of blessings and charms. By GM Lent; illustrated by Sade.
  • Presents for Goblins: A Holiday Romp! In this festive adventure for 3rd-5th level characters, the PCs must recover Revelleschafter's seasonal gifts from the goblins who raided the town on the eve of All's Giving Day. Fun as a one-shot or as part of an ongoing camapign. This adventure also includes four new goblin types - a variant nilbog, a yobbo, a goblin concubine, and the goblin king - and a random table for goblin poison effects. By Kiel Chenier; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • A Present for Every Class: Spellcasters. Following on from the last article, which presented a selection of themed items especially for martial classes, this second half focuses on the spell casters. The bard's flute, sorcerer's stone, wizards' hat, druid's much, and cleric's hole symbol round out the list of signature regalia which get more powerful as you do. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • A Present for Every Class: Warriors. A selection of unique magical items tailored to martially-inclined 5th Edition characters! The Barbarian's Greataxe, Monk's Staff, Paladin's Shield, Ranger's Longbow, and more are granted via the new Signature Regalia feat. Nine items in total for the warriors in your party! By Mike Myler; illustrated by Sade.
  • The Charity of St. Nicholas. The holiday season is all about charity, and Jeremy McCoy accordingly presents the new Charity domain for clerics, along with information on St. Nicholas and other saints in your campaign. Illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • Inspired Giving. EN5ider begin its holiday season of giving with a look at Inspiration and ten new ways of awarding it in your 5E game. These new rules include Action Hero Pools, Bringing The Drama, the Dead Pool, Devil's Bargain, Dramatic Flair, Epic Success, Epiphany, Gm's Reward, Inspired Damage, and the Player Inspiration Pool. Each approach serves a different purpose and encourages a different play style. Use any of these methods, combine them with the standard inspiration system, or mix and match to suit your needs. By Mark A. Hart; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
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