5E Setting a game in the Astral Plane

Khelon Testudo

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I want to set a game in the Githyanki capital city, which is set on a dead god in the Astral plane. Any ideas to deal with gravity or the lack of it? What fauna would live in such a city (cranium rats for starters - would there be flying things?)
I also imagine bored Gith would hold 'wild hunts' on occasion targeting non-gith who are otherwise ignored.
Further suggestions welcome!


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Here is a quick web reference for Tu'narath.

It references a Dragon Magazine article from Dragon #377 that is all about Tu'narath, Dungeon #100.

Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes has some great information on it.

I don't know that there's a ton of "fauna" in the city per se since it's in the Astral Sea. There's not a huge eco-system of which I'm aware. The only fauna would probably be the gith themselves.

I do think cranium rats are a possibility, though I'm not sure about other creatures like that.

Khelon Testudo

Cleric of Stronmaus
MtoF says that the Gith raids can take anything, up to and including buildings. Any vermin in those will end up on Tu'narath. The Gith also raid and combat Mindflayers, so creatures associated with them will end up there too. As will almost any sentient species, as the Gith take slaves, treat them poorly, and can't be bothered to be strict about security in their home city.

Fauna that thrives will have to be carnivores or omnivores, as plants won't live without sunlight.

Ideas I'd also like to consider: do dead gods have gravity? I hope so, 3d combats are a pain. How far does it extend? Can someone just jump off the surface?


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Things not aging on the plane would put a real damper on any flora and fauna. Things might stow away, but only the original be in the city without any reproduction.

Though I could see the githyanki growing flowers on the material plane and then transporting them to the Tu'narath and creating gardens that are eternally in bloom.