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Jeff Wilder

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I'm looking for a M&M (2E) player to join a group of four heroes and the GM (me). I'm kind of a dick, but my players are truly great guys.

The game is at my home in Daly City on every other Sunday from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. (This Sunday, 7/18, is an "on" session.)

I'm looking for an easy-going, non-smoking, non-rules-lawyering player. (Rules knowledge is encouraged and appreciated. We're still new to the system. Rules exploitation (fairly easy to do with M&M) will gain someone a non-invite back.)

I'm also looking for a player who's willing to commit to the game, and schedule around it (rather than vice-versa).

We do have cats. If you're allergic, you'll want to med up.

The way it'll work:

(1) We'll have you over for a session. You'll play an NPC hero from my campaign.

(2) After you leave, we'll talk about you behind your back.

(3) I'll send you email (or text, if you prefer) with news of an invite into the game or not.

(4) If you're invited, you'll accept or not.

(5) If you accept, you and I will work together via email and Google Wave to create your PL 10, 150pp hero.

(6) Profit.

Please contact me via email at:

jeff dot wilder at yahoo dot com

If you respond to this thread, I'm not likely to see it, so use email.

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