SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)


Balnibar fumbles around in his pocket for a tanglefoot bag as he smiles and says, "Ah, the blokes downstairs said you'd be needing help. We're the extraction team. There's a safe that needs cracking, or something to get sprung out of something else, right? Where is it?"

OOC: I'll be out of town for the rest of the week. Feel free to NPC me until I return.

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ooc; is it okay if we post actions in advance of our turn? I was waiting to see what the Watchman did, but I want to keep things moving! Also, is this what's happened so far: Lorth moves in, Balnibar pulls a stowed item (Tbag), Mathew Delays, Watchman hasn't gone, Corran concentrates, Tough is Surprised, and Genithar.....

Bursting into the room, the Wizard's face explodes into a shocked 'O' face of surprise. Throwing his sword up in a defensive posture, Genithar weaves the steel in front of him as he steps toward the Watchman and hisses behind his shoulder, 'Cannith! Get in here and close the door! Then knock them out!'

Keeping his focus on the Watchman, the spry elf darts in, attempting to bat the disheveled human's weapon from his dirty hand.

ooc; 5' step into the room, Fighting Defensively he attempts a disarm, using 1 Action Point. AC13, HP4, AP 4 That all okay?


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
All good. The general PbP format is that you post what you plan your character to do with some contingencies, and then I munge that into something approximating what you did.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Surprise Round

Lorth springs into action, rushing into the room, his arms in a warding gesture. As he does so, he glimpses the rest of the room---a bed, what is probably a desk, and more junk. Of more interest are the two others in the room wrestling what appears to be a chest. They are not attired like members of the Watch.

Bluffing all the while, the gnome stride confidently into the room. However, his voice trails off when he sees the two other fellows. While he does not recognize them, he does recognize the hungry, hostile look in their eyes, an suspects that discussion is not a viable option with them.

Waiting for his moment, Mathew delays.

The tiny homunculus sweeps forward, bemoaning the state of his room. When he sees the struggle at the other end of the room, he exclaims, "Store! Good, they didn't get you boy!" [Move into Balnibar's square]

The watch thug steps forward, yelling, "Terrance! Steadman! Get up here!", moving behind the shifter and attempts to bean him over the head. The club, however, almost slips from his hands, and he curses loudly. [Natural 1]

The two struggling with the chest continue to do so, surprised by the sudden arrivals.

Corran concentrates on stone, but from his vantage, all he can tell is that it is somewhere within the room.

The watchman with the halberd is surprised by Lorth's appearance, and does not act.

All in the room are a bit surprised when the notice that the chest in the two tough's hands is actually struggling against them!

Startled at what is in the room, Genithar recovers enough to step forward and try to disarm the watch thug. As he tries to bat the club away, the watchman spins, hits away the sword, and brings his weapon down on the elve's temple. The room spins a moment, and then Genithar crashes to the floor, blood trickling from his mouth. [Disarm AoO hits AC 16; 7hp; Genithar unconscious and bleeding (you can spend that action point to stabilize if you wish)]

Seeing his companion fall, Mathew surges forward, stepping over the elf to ward against other attacks.

Bedroom Battle: Round 1

Upper floor

L: 24
B: 22
C: 17
W: 14
R: 12
C: 11
T: 10
S: 8
G: 5 [-3/4hp, dying]
M: 5

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, G: Genithar, L: Lorth, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs, S: Moving Chest, T: Watch Tough, W: Watchman.

[Round 1 actions]


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First Post
Lorth sees all the new opponents and changes tactics. He drops his sling and hunches slightly and in an instant his face becomes more feral and the hair on his arms, legs and chest grows and twists until it covers his body in a thick sheet. He then takes a step to the side and punches one of the guards (T) twice in quick succession.
[sblock=Stats]Lorth, Beasthide Shifter Monk 1
HP: 11/11
AC: 20
AP: 5
Drop Sling: Free Action
Shifting: Free Action. 7/7 rounds remaining. +2 Con, +4 Natural Armor (included in stats above)
5ft Step: NW preferred. SW if NW unavailable. N if neither SW nor NW available
Flurry of Blows (non-lethal): Full-Round Action. -1/-1, 1d6+1[/sblock]
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First Post
Corran sees the wizard fall and steps up to him, Balinor, send your healing powers through these hands that this one might live to hunt again. He then turns to face the stairs and readies his shield. Matthew, use the morningstar. That's why I gave it to you.

[sblock] Five foot step, convert protection from evil to cure light wounds and cast it on Genithar.[/sblock]


First Post
Mathew grips the morning star in both hands and swings as hard as his meager arms will allow hoping to fall the the man who dropped the elf.

ooc; if G gets to act this round:

Softly groaning as he comes to, the Wizard is obviously dazed as he ruminates upon the stars in his vision and the throb on his head,It seems some sparring practice is desperately needed.

Crawling further into the room, Genithar's almond eyes watch the scene, awaiting a chance to aid the group...or at least get to his feet.

ooc; Free action 5' step/crawl to the North of W and delay
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