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SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Mellubb said:
OOC: I don't have my books with me at the moment, did I drop my morning star before I ran?
No, he's frightened, not panicked. He, however, cannot approach that room for another 2 rounds.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Nope, but updates take me 1/2-1 to do, so I do then when I have large chunks of time at a time (which ain't now). :)


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Round 3

The shifter rains down blows against the watchman, but the bruised man's weaving and blocking prevent any significant damage. [AC 15, 13 miss]

Stepping to the side to flank the lanky rogue, Balnibar awkwardly attempts to bring the guard of his rapier down. The clumsy move is easily avoided. [AC 2 nonlethal misses]

Cheep once again manages to land its stinger, and then ducks behind Balnibar. [AC 22 hits; 1hp]

"Damnable curs! Y'all pay fer kill'n Tobin!" The lanky one steps to the side, drawing a wicked-looking short blade, and makes a ill-timed jab at the gnome, missing badly. [Misses]

Heavy footsteps from the hall announce the arrival of 'Terrance' and 'Steadman', two more watchmen with billy clubs and a poor attitude. Seeing their fellow on the ground and another in dire straights, the rush in heedlessly. Corran takes a swipe at one with a nasty scar, but cannot break throug his hardened leathers, while Genithar's clumsy swing illicites a barking laugh. [AoOs against watchman; Corran's AC 11 and Genithar's Natural 1 miss] However, Scar's laugh is cut short as his fumbles his blow against the shifter. [Natural 1 misses Lorth] His friend has no better luck. [Misses]

Surrounded, a reluctant Corran shies away from the watchmen and instead focus on the lanky rogue. A lucky stab spews crimson! [AC 18 hits, 3hp; Target near death]

Eyes flickering between the shifter and the mage, the tough continues his defensive posture, hoping his allies will deal with the threat soon. [Total defense]

The small chest, mindlessly focusing on its first target, uses its stubby arms in an attempt to slam the rogue that had grappled it, but fails. [Misses]

Distracted by the battle, Genithar does not get a good enough look at the effect on Mathew to identify it. [Spellcraft 15 fails] His resolve to aid Lorth is tested when the halberdier entirely ignores his feeble jabs. [AC 4 fails to aid]

No threats immediately present, the startled Mathew looks about in fear, making sure he is safe. [No action]

Bedroom Battle: Round 4

Upper floor

L: 24
B: 22 [grappled]
C: 17
W: 14 [one unconscious]
R: 12 [-5 hp, near death]
C: 11
T: 10 [-14 nonlethal, staggered]
S: 8
G: 5 [3/4hp]
M: 5 [Frightened 1 more round]
R: 5 [Dying]

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, G: Genithar, L: Lorth, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs, S: Moving Chest, T: Watch Tough, W: Watchman.
Conditions: Dark Red Border: Dying, Transparent: Unconcious, Yellow Border: Frightened, White Border: Staggered

[Round 5 actions]


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First Post
Still not wanting to actually kill any watchmen, Corran steps forward and tries to look threatening. We've got them cornered. Take this one down, Lorth!
[sblock=ooc] aiding Lorth to hit witchever watchman is closest to me and threatened by him.[/sblock]


First Post
Lorth looks for an opening in the halberdier's defenses and tries to take him out with a well timed kick.
[sblock=Stats]Lorth, Beasthide Shifter Monk 1
HP: 11/11
AC: 20
AP: 5
Shifting: 4/7 rounds remaining. +2 Con, +4 Natural Armor (included in stats above)
Unarmed Strike (non-lethal): Standard Action. +1, 1d6+1[/sblock]

Violence in the eyes of the Watchmen, Genithar concentrates on keeping their clubs at bay. Putting a wall of steel tween himself and the Watchmen, the Wizard steps to flank with Lorth and makes a defensive strike.

5' step SE to flank, fighting defensively.
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