SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)

ooc; is the Tough still on total D?

Doubling over in pain, an explosive cough wracks the Wizard's body as blood sprays from his mouth, coating his teeth.

Heeding Corran's words, Genithar quickly jukes to the side of the narrow door way, withdrawing in a stumbling stagger past the grappling gnome and thankfully sinks against the wall in obvious pain.

ooc;withdraw to B's South East, West of the 'd' bridge

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alright, if the Tough does NOT go total D, Genithar will stand his ground and attempt to offer Mathew a flanking bonus, delaying his own move action until after Lorth goes

and a PS- I'm really enjoying this game! Thanks to everyone!
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Dirk Nightbreeseand said:
a PS- I'm really enjoying this game! Thanks to everyone!
OOC: Yeah, I'm having a good time too. Lorth is fun. Can't wait for Weapon Finesse at 3rd level.
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OOC I'm definitely having a great time, too. What an interesting mix of characters and personalities, and the NPCs are a bit more three-dimensional than usual. :)

ooc; Agreed! StoneGod is a GREAT GM! I haven't been a player in a long time (i gm a pbem for friends and haven't table topped in some years) so this is just great.

FYI- my internet access will be very spotty for two weeks, starting Saturday, as I'm going out of the country. My apologies, I had no idea what to expect when I started playing, in regards to how long the adventures took. I'll try to post as much as I can, but StoneGod will NPC Genithar as needed. I swear I'll cast some spells sometime soon!


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Mathew moves to attack the guy by the door. I should have the movement, if not I will ready an action to attack a bad guy who attempts to leave the room.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Thanks for the props. This is actually a fast paced game in comparison to others. :)

If folks are going to be out, please just give general NPCing tips as has been done before (i.e., if when you'd cast one of those two spells you've been hoarding :D)


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Round 5 (Complete)

Corran waves the elf towards the back, then jabs awkwardly at the watchman in front of Lorth with no effect. [AC 4 misses]

Annoyed and bruised, the touch steps back and finally brings his weapon to bear against Lorth. He throws his full weight behind it, and the blade slams heavily into the monk. While is breath is temporarily knocked out of him, he knows that it is his shifter resilience that negated the blow's harmful effects. [Power Attack; Misses due to natural armor]

Balnibar and the animated chest dance about the room, still locked together. [Balnibar wins opposed grapple check]

Trapped between the halberdier and the watchman, Genithar holds his ground, waiting for Lorth to act. [Delay]

His mind clear of its sudden fright, Mathew rushes back to the doorframe. The doorman is caught of guard, and the artificer brains him with the merciful weapon. The watchman staggers in the doorway! [AC 18 hits; 5hp nonlethal; staggered]

Bedroom Battle: Round 5 (Complete)

Upper floor

L: 24 [9/11hp]
G: 24 [0/4hp, disabled]
B: 22 [grappled]
C: 17
W: 14 [one unconscious, one dying, one unharmed, one staggered]
R: 12 [-5 hp, near death, fled]
C: 11
T: 10 [-14 nonlethal, staggered]
S: 8
M: 5
R: 5 [Dying]

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, G: Genithar, L: Lorth, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs, S: Moving Chest, T: Watch Tough, W: Watchman.
Conditions: Dark Red Border: Dying, Red Border: Disabled, Transparent: Unconscious, Yellow Border: Frightened, White Border: Staggered

[Round 6 actions]


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