SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)

As his comrades crowd in to take down the remaining Watchmen, and seeing the Tough concentrating on keeping his hide intact, Genithar hobbles south, away from the action. Tightly holding his chest and the broken ribs with-in, the internal bleeding causes him to almost faint.

Struggling to keep himself upwardly mobile, the Wizard ducks behind Corran and Mathew, spitting, 'Finish them off! I'll be fine!' and then wryly to the young cleric, 'Thanks for the tip.'

Moving 15' to the south and then 10' to the east places the elf between the desk and the fallen wiry thug, who still bleeds out at Balinar's feet as the gnome struggles with the living box.

Hearing Cheep's cry, Genithar responds quickly, 'Hold it off, Balnibar! I'll get the tools to you!'

Genithar, wary of any traps, waits for Cheep to give the all clear, but still searches the desk for anything useful.

ooc: Genithar will delay until after Corran but before the Tough(!), then moves 30' and search the desk without touching it!. Go team work!
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Mathew sees that he and his friends clearly has the upper hand raises morningstar and says
"Surrender and you will given mercy, we do not want to hurt you!!"
If they surrender Mathew will have the sit "Indian Style" against the far wall with there hands on there heads and ask the Gnome to search them for arms.
If not he will attack again.


Balnibar calls back, "Thanks, Genithar!" before going back to the struggling container.

"Abracadabra! Swordfish! Hello World!"

OOC: I'll keep Activating Blindly right now... No AP unless I roll above 20.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Round 7

Even with the wizard's distraction and Mathew's presence, the shifter cannot land a blow on the leader, mostly out of poor luck. [AC 9 misses]

The elf waits for his opportunity to move. [Delay]

Trying everything he can think of, Balnibar heroically pores all his gathered tidbits of magical item activation into his efforts. His brow sweating, he almost gives up when he remembers his grandfather's axiom---When it doubt, hit it! With a quick pop and some nonsense phrases, the gnome gets the compartments open! Now he just needs to find the right one. [UMD 22+3 AP=25, device is activated]

Cheep looks flabbergasted at the gnome. "Good job boy! Now find me stone!"

The standing watchman bats at Lorth, but the shifter easily moves out of the way. [Miss]

With a warm touch, Corran returns a spark of vitality to Genithar. [cure minor wounds]

Gracious for the healing, Genithar steps over the bleeding sallow rogue to look into the squirming chest. With a lucky glance, he sees a dark looking stone under some broken vials. "There! There!" [Move action to move; move action to Spot; Spot 23 succeeds]

Anger livid on his face, the halberdier moves back behind his guardsman and thrusts viciously at Lorth. His fatigue, however, spoils the attack. [Misses]

Having its insides exposed does not stop its struggling, the chest struggles to free itself. With a kick with its stubby legs, forces the gnome to drop it! [Balnibar loses opposed grapple check] It scuttles back into a corner!

His order to surrender is met with a spit from the tough. You're the ones that be goin' down! Murder'n an officer means the gallows for you! Knowing his has no other choice, the artificer steps next to the touch, and by the grace of Olladra, smashes his morningstar into his face, felling him! [AC 16 hits; 6 nonlethal; tough unconscious]

Bedroom Battle: Round 8

Upper floor

L: 24 [9/11hp]
B: 22 [grappled]
C: 17
W: 14 [two unconscious, one dying, one lightly wounded]
R: 12 [-5 hp, near death, fled]
C: 11
G: 24 [1/4hp]
T: 10 [-20 nonlethal, unconcious]
S: 8
M: 5
R: 5 [Dying]

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, G: Genithar, L: Lorth, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs, S: Moving Chest, T: Watch Tough, W: Watchman.
Conditions: Dark Red Border: Dying, Red Border: Disabled, Transparent: Unconscious, Yellow Border: Frightened, White Border: Staggered

[Round 8 actions]


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With a gasp, Corran realizes the truth of the tough's prediction. He moves over to the watchman who is slowly leaking a pond of blood and attempts to bind the wound closed, careful to avoid leaving himself open to attack from the remaining enemy.
[sblock=ooc] If he can do so without provoking an AoO, heal check +5. If the last watchman is down he'll take 10. [/sblock]


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The fur on Lorth's body retreats to its former position and the shifter seems to gain his composure again. He takes a step and lashes out carefully at the tough in front of him.

[sblock=Stats]Lorth, Beasthide Shifter Monk 1
HP: 8/10
AC: 16
AP: 4
Unarmed Strike at W (non-lethal): Standard Attack. +1 (+3 if flanking), 1d6+1[/sblock]


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Mathew looks onto the guard with pity "No one is dead here, you will all wake up in the jail and have to explain your actions. Please do not think your word as a guard will out-wiegh mine as a Cannith heir. Now surrender or be beaten!!"

Again if he surrenders I will sit him along the wall and ask Balnibar to search him, if not I attack again.


"Aha! Yes!" Balnibar calls out at his success, pumping his fist and forgetting to hold onto the chest. "Oh, jibberplot..." he cries as the chest scurries away. "Heh, I got the fear in it. Not bad."

He starts with a quick whistle, trying to coax the chest back to him. "Come on... Oh, I don't have time for this!" He lunges, trying to grab the chest again.

ooc: Move to chest and start grapple. Attempt to pin the chest to get access to spill the compartments out.
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ooc; well done, Mellub! He finally went down!

Looming over both the tangling pair of gnome and animate lockbox, the Wizard takes a deep steadying breath and crouches as Balnibar leaps for the Artificer's creation. Almond eyes glued to his small companion's progress, thin willowy body tensed for action, Genithar offers, in a rushed tone, 'I'll get you the stone! Just hold the thrice cursed thing down!'

Edging closer, the elf makes ready to shoot forth a lightning quick grab for the control stone as Balnibar distracts the construct.

ooc; Should Balnibar successfully grapple the chest, Genithar will move to the animate box and attempt to pluck the stone from out it's innards. Should the gnome not succeed, the wizard will move closer anyway and ready to pluck as soon as the chest IS grappled. I'm winging my way out of here in about 4 hours. I shall have limited net access abroad, but I shall attempt to post once a day... though it might be once every two or three days. Keep kicking butt you guys! Nightbreese, out.


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