SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Round 8

Lorth, hoping to end this with no more blood, slams a well-placed attack to the watchman's chin. The angry look on his face sags as his is knocked punch-drunk. [AC 15 hits, 3 nonlethal, staggered]

Elated but frustrated, Balnibar lunges at the chest, barely avoided one its kicks. [AoO missed] Grabbing hold, the gnome manages to hold the chest down a moment. [AC 14 touch hits; succeed opposed grapple check; grappling; can attempt to pin next round]

Cheep whirls around the room, bellowing something that is lost in the din.

Shaking his head out, the bruised watchmen misses his mark, the club smashing into the wall beside Lorth's head. [Misses]

Corran scrambles over to the bleeding watchman, worried about their necks. His hurried attempts are futile, blood staining his hands. [Heal check 13 fails, watchman still bleeding]

Hovering over the small gnome struggling with the chest, the larger wizard awaits for his moment to act.

The chest struggles like a caged animal, and with a shove, easily throws the gnome off. It bolts past the wizard into the other corner. [Easily wins grapple check]

Knowing the bruised man too stubborn to yield, the artificer steps around to the thug and forcefully brings the weapon down upon the back of the man's neck, felling him easily. [AC 21 hits; 10hp nonlethal; watchman unconscious]

Bedroom Battle: End

As Corran finally stabilizes the dying watchman, the rest of the group piles on the chest. Balnibar has his ribs crushed by an errant kick, but the party eventually manages to pin the creature down long enough to grab the stone. It still trashes as until Mathew finally gets the stone to activate.

Final Stats

L: 9/11hp
B: 3/9hp
W: 14 [four unconscious]
R: 12 [one stable/unconcious, one fled]
C: unharmed
G: 1/4hp
M: unharmed


First Post
Mathew grabs the stone, takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes. Exhaling through his nose he gently fingers the stone trying get a feel for its magic pulse.
Trying to use magic device to activate the stone to gain control of the constructs


First Post
Corran walks around the room, checking everyone's injuries and assessing where to spend his limited healing resources. He sees that Genithar still has significant injuries, but gives him an apologetic shrug. Try to stay out of the next group's reach. Balnibar is in more need. [sblock=ooc]Corran will convert his other first level spell, shield of faith, to heal Balnibar.[/sblock]

ooc; great job!

Huffing and puffing, the Wizard nods ruefully at the young dragonmarked human and replies 'You've kept me from Vol's embrace once already, for this I shall be ever thankful. Trust that I shall keep my distance when next we battle. Which may be soon, that wiry rogue got away quickly and has no doubt sounded the alarm.'

Turning to Cheep Genithar asks, 'Aldus, is there any healing or gear about your living quarters, that we may use?'

ooc:sorry for the no´color, my croatian key board is tough enough to figure out!


Balnibar winces as he tests his bruised ribs. "Wow! Attacked by a chest! Now that's protection!"

He stretches after receiving healing. "Thanks, Corran, that little box has a kick on it!"

"In any case, we better keep moving. We might have more Watchmen on the way, and we have a dwarf to save."

Glancing over at the Cannith heir, the wizard asks quietly as he haltinglz tests his own bruised face, upon which black and purple lumps are quickly forming, 'Mathew, can you direct the chest to aid us in battle?


First Post
Once Mathew is able to get the stone working, he will try to see where in the house all the humunculia are and if they are in danger. If they are not he will comand them to come to him.

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