SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)

Half falling, half lunging to the North, Genithar steps next to the halberd wielding tough, steadying himself against the wall.

Raising his sword with an effort, the Wizard threatens the thug with his blade, and through bloody lips yells at Lorth, 'To me, faithful of Arrah! Take their leader down!'

ooc; taking action along with Lorth, 5' step north to threaten T, providing a possible flanking bonus to Lorth

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Corran will heal genithar (with a cure minor converted from detect magic) if it's possible to do so without provoking an AoO (ie. if the tough is down and the staggered watchman is going full defense, and corran can 5 foot step appropriately.
Otherwise he will try to 5 foot step into a flanking position and stab at someone who is still standing (tough, staggered watchman, other watchman, in that order of preference.)


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Lorth regains his breath and concentrates on punching twice at the thug in front of him (W), then steps closer to the halberd wielder (5 ft step NE).

OOC: Sorry, Lorth trying to take out the least injured guy.
[sblock=Stats]Lorth, Beasthide Shifter Monk 1
HP: 9/11
AC: 20
AP: 5
Shifting: 2/7 rounds remaining. +2 Con, +4 Natural Armor (included in stats above)
Unarmed Strike (lethal): Flurry of Blows. -1/-1 (+1/+1 if flanking), 1d6+1[/sblock]


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Mathew both pleased with his martial prowess and embarassed at fearful flight from the fight holds his ground and will attack the tough again.

OOC: this is really cool, even though I did miss half the fight lol ;)


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Bedroom Battle: Round 6

A kick to the knees and a punch in the chest by Lorth cause Scar's friend to hardly notice, but he strategically moves next to the apparent leader to avoid another halberd thrust. [AC 7 misses, 18 hits; 2hp]

The bloodied elf steps into the corner, trapping the touch. His swordwork this time does seem to actually distract the man a little. [Aid another to hit succeeds]

Balnibar struggles wildly to blindly activate the various secured pouches, hoping to gain access to the supposed stone inside. He has no success. [UMD 17 fails; Balnibar will need a 25 to succeed, not 20 (Activate Blindly, not Trigger). Let me know if/when you want to use an AP]

"They be arcaned locked! Get me tools, boy! They might be helping!" Cheep darts over to the ruined desk, searching frantically for something.

Scar's friend stumbles in the chaos around him, and his ill timed swing is far off its mark. [Natural 1] Meanwhile, the staggered door man pulls a smokestick from his belt; his belabored movements prevent him from using it.

Seeing his opening, the Tharask scion steps forward and plunges his knife into the doorman's back. His eyes roll up as he clatters to the ground. [AC 14 hits; 1hp; unconscious]

Frustrated, the halberd wielding touch bellows KILL THEM! He adjusts to keep from being surrounded, waving his weapon around carefully. [Total Defense]

The chest struggles in gnome's grip in vain. [Fails opposed grapple check]

Chagrined and hoping to redeem himself, Mathew elbows past Corran to take down the tough. But the man's defenses easily block the clumsy swing. [AC 7 misses]

Bedroom Battle: Round 7

Upper floor

L: 24 [9/11hp]
G: 24 [0/4hp, disabled]
B: 22 [grappled]
C: 17
W: 14 [two unconscious, one dying, one lightly wounded]
R: 12 [-5 hp, near death, fled]
C: 11
T: 10 [-14 nonlethal, staggered]
S: 8
M: 5
R: 5 [Dying]

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, G: Genithar, L: Lorth, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs, S: Moving Chest, T: Watch Tough, W: Watchman.
Conditions: Dark Red Border: Dying, Red Border: Disabled, Transparent: Unconscious, Yellow Border: Frightened, White Border: Staggered

[Round 7 actions]


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Seeing his chance, now that the tough isn't looking to attack anyone, Corran converts asks Balinor for a touch of healing power and eases Genithar's pains. Do try to avoid their blades this time, friend wizard.

[sblock=ooc] As long as the one remaining watchman isn't threatening him, he will convert a detect magic into a cure minor wounds to cast on Gen.[/sblock]


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Lorth switches tactics again, trying to take down the halberd wielder.
[sblock=Stats]Lorth, Beasthide Shifter Monk 1
HP: 9/11
AC: 20
AP: 5
Shifting: 1/7 rounds remaining. +2 Con, +4 Natural Armor (included in stats above)
Unarmed Strike (lethal): Standard Attack. +1 (+3 if flanking), 1d6+1[/sblock]

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