Shackled City, Act I - Life's Bazaar

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
Scotley said:
Seeing Konstantine's reluctance and not willing to ask another to go where he would not lead, William steps forward and makes his way down the hall carefully examining the floor as well as passing doors. As he approaches the wall he extends his sword before him. "Gnomes are known for illusion are they not? Perhaps the wall is only a figment of some sort." He holds out the blade to gently tap the wall. Failing that, he will examine the wall and surroundings more closely.

Galen falls in behind William almost as if by instinct. His casual gait evidenced walking the streets of the city is gone. Instead, Galen now marches, weapon at the ready, his eyes scanning the perimeter and above their heads as well, alert for signs of danger.

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(OOC: Based on the various IC posts, I'll go with an updated marching order of William, Eliara, Galen, Konstantine, Dowlee as the group proceeds....heh heh heh.)

William boldly leads the way down the southern branch of the t-intersection towards where the corridor ends with the pair of circular doors in the west and east walls. Dust and debris cover the floor.

As they pass by, party members note that the glyph on the door passed by on the western side is the same as that of the westernmost door in the giggling masks room.

William holds out his weapon, ready to probe the stone wall which seems so out of place.....

.....when, suddenly, twenty feet away from the suspect wall, the floor gives way on a hinged lid under the combined weight of William and Eliara!

Reflex save! William roll 5+1=6, Fail. Eliara roll 4+5=9, Fail.

Neither adventurer is able to prevent him- or herself from tumbling headlong into the 10' deep pit below. Both are knocked prone, and suffer falling damage.

William roll 1d6=1 point of damage, Eliara roll 1d6=1 point of damage....lucky, both of you! :p

Looking about, William and Eliara can see that the bottom half of the pit is made of wood with rows of wooden spikes embedded in two opposite-facing walls.

Disconcertingly, the pit also contains a dead, naked skulk; a rapier, light crossbow, and half a dozen bolts lie scattered on the pit's floor.

(And now, let's roll initiative, shall we?)

William roll 3+1=4, Eliara roll 8+3=11, Dowlee roll 10+3=13, Galen roll 14+2=16, Konstantine roll 14+1=15

OOC: So...we're in combat time (for reasons which will become clear shortly, heh!) Post one round of action for your character please.

The order....

HP Update...William 9/10, Eliara 7/8

New Map: Big black 'X' is the pit, smaller red 'x' is the remainder of the party, not in the pit.


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"OUCH!" screams Eliara, as she falls. She quickly gains her composure and readies her bow, looking around for foes.

Please auto-run Eliara for the next few days as I'm away and might not have internet access


William Human Paladin

OOC: A couple of quick questions. Is the pit still open at the top? Do the wooden spikes appear long enough to climb up sort of like a ladder or at least as hand holds?

Scotley said:
OOC: A couple of quick questions. Is the pit still open at the top? Do the wooden spikes appear long enough to climb up sort of like a ladder or at least as hand holds?

OOC: Answers....yes, at this moment the lid of the pit is open. The wooden spikes do appear long enough that they would make suitable handholds to aid a climb out of the pit...but be aware that the spikes only cover the walls on the bottom half of the pit. The top half has walls of smooth stone, and thus would likely be tougher to climb.



William Human Paladin

To Eliara, William says, "quickly let's get above these spikes." He starts to climb yelling to his companions. "A line, drop us a rope."


Konstantine gives a quiet yelp as her companions drop into the pit. "Oh! Are you alright? I don't have a rope, but maybe this will work." The bard grabs the whip from her side and drapes it down the pit.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
"... Ooooh, this isn't good. Good idea, Konstantine. Galen, help here!"

ooc: Dowlee will help to pull up her allies, if she can. If needed, she will use one or more Mendings to strengthen the whip.

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
Galen moves quickly to the pit's edge.

"Watch the hall," he says.

He reverses his grip on his longspear, poking the haft into the pit.

"Climb to the top of the spikes. Once there, you're almost out. Use the haft of my spear to help."

Galen spreads his feet, bends his knees, and braces himself to receive weight.

Galen lowers the shaft of his longspear into the pit, ready to help his companions escape it.

Konstantine, realizing that Galen's longspear is longer than her whip, decides against lowering it into the pit, and keeps a watchful eye on the passageway behind them.

Dowlee stands ready to assist in any way she can, whether with a spell or some other action.

But, before William or Eliara can begin to climb the wooden spikes up the side of the pit, there is a sudden lurch within the pit, and a noise like that of some machinery thrumming to life. The lid of the pit springs shut, wedging the shaft of Galen's spear in the gap (the spear shaft does not break, but it is now wedged in place, and will likely require a strength check to move.) Simultaneously, the lower, wooden half of the pit rapidly tilts 90 degrees to the south, throwing William and Eliara downwards against the spikes (now comprising the floor of the pit)!

William and Eliara are both subject to attacks from 3 spikes. Each of them are hit by only one of the three. William takes 1 point of damage from his spike, Eliara takes 2 points of damage from hers.

William and Eliara are each injured by one wooden spike, though fortunately, neither too seriously. Having been thrown from their feet, both stand up again, in pain and surprise (using a move-equivalent action to do so).

Updated Initiative Order:

4.Tilt-a-Pit Trap

Updated HP: William 8/10, Eliara 5/8

Round 2 Actions?

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