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Shadows of Esteren : Book 0 Prologue


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Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of our new book for Shadows of Esteren : Book 0 Prologue.

This book contains:

  • 1/ An introduction to the universe. Discover the leading concepts of the game, as well as a general presentation of the universe.

  • 2/ A summary of the game system. All the necessary elements for comprehending Shadows of Esteren’s system and playing your first adventures.

  • 3/ Six sample Characters. Illustrated and ready to play Characters: the Varigal Yldiane, the fighter Arven, the fugitive Ean, the scholar Liam, the Ionnthén Mòr, and the Blade knight Urvan.

  • 4/ Three adventures. The triptych Omens presents three very different scenarios, which are nevertheless linked by the same recurring theme. They are intended for Players and Leaders of all levels.

You can also check our Kickstarter campaign for this book:

Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side hidden under a bleak, realistic surface. This world is populated with humans who have to cope with tough daily lives, and face a supernatural threat lurking in the dark. With the focus of its adventures being investigation and survival, Shadows of Esteren favor an immersive mood and interactions among the Players.

This Kickstarter was designed for people who do not know about this RPG as well as for the backers of the first Kickstarter. You will have the possibility of acquiring the last remaining items created for the first campaign (Book 1 Universe Limited Edition, artworks, leader screen), but also of participating in the funding of a hardcover Limited Edition for Book 0 Prologue.

Some artworks:

The link to the campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/shadows-of-esteren-a-medieval-horror-rpg-prologue

All the best,

Esteren Team

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I was literally just about to post something about this at this very moment. :)

Before I say anything else, let me say first that I never write reviews for anything, but my enthusiasm for this game is an all-time high. When I found out about the first Shadows of Esteren Kickstarter, I instantly fell in love with what I saw of the world, the atmosphere, and the game system. I only contributed a small pledge, though, to make sure that I was getting a quality product, and that if I liked it then I would contribute more to the next one.

I could not have predicted just how impressed I was with the product. Book 1 knocked me off my feet with the artwork, the excellent writing style, and -- last but not least -- the game system itself. When they say that the game is inspired by Gothic and horror works, they're not kidding -- the game system supports a beautifully dark atmosphere, mystery, and a detailed sanity system that makes even going insane not an end to your story, but an exciting new chapter in it.

Needless to say, I pledged as much as I could for this Kickstarter, and I hope that the number of pledges grow so that we English-speakers can keep getting more excellent content from this team.

Book 0 isn't a mandatory purchase by any means, and it's mostly geared towards Game Leaders because half of the book consists of three (very excellent) adventures that a player wouldn't want to spoil for himself, but I'd say it's nearly essential for potential Game Leaders who want to introduce their gaming group to a new system and at least play a one-shot scenario or several sessions with the premade adventures. For a mere $5 you can purchase a PDF version online and see for yourself how high the quality is.

Even if you don't want Book 0, with your pledge you can get access to Book 1 and other bonuses (music cd, folders, bookmarks, artwork). The best part is, if the Kickstarter can reach $50,000 (it's already at $37,000 now), we also get access to Book 2!

There is a growing and active English-language community on the official Esteren site, and I encourage anyone interested to come join us. :) http://esteren.org/


Agreed! I stumbled across this and have been impressed with how the team responds to backer feedback. The project for this book is in the last week, so hopefully other people will check this out.
They just posted a Christmas Special Set!


First Post

The Kickstarter is now only about $3,500 away from the stretch goal unlocking early access to Book 2! If all of the current backers contributed a mere additional $7.46 each, we'd hit that goal. :)

I, for one, can't wait to get my gaming group together and start playing. While waiting for the official campaign and adventures, I've been busy homebrewing my own scenarios, monsters, etc. based on just what's in books 1 and 0.


First Post
Hello Everyone!

Here we are! We hit 50k and now Book 2 Travels is unlocked!
THNAK YOU everyone!

And here is the complete update because others things are also unlocked:

Book 2 Travels

First, this new stage gives you the possibility of getting access to the whole content of Book 2 Travels!

  • The PDF is automatically included without any additional fee for the following pledges: High Shadow, Farl Collector, Tuaille Collector, Gouvran Merchants, Seòl Patron, and Lord of Shadows.
  • For the Tri-Kazelian and Varigal pledges, you must select the “High Shadow” option ($15 and $10 respectively) to get this PDF.

You will get the PDF of Book 2 Travels as soon as it is ready, well ahead of its public release. We plan to release the book for next Gen Con, and we intend to deliver the PDF next spring. Note that these dates are purely indicative. It is not easy for us to determine when the translation of the book will be complete exactly! We will do everything we can to stick to this planning, but we wish to be honest with you and warn you of possible delays.

The English version of Book 2 Travels will be an extended version of the French one: it will be a hardcover book, and the number of its pages will be increased from 80 to about 140. The Travels book contains Leader material: descriptions of important places of the peninsula, a series of scenarios, a gallery of non-player characters, and also a small bestiary. You can learn more about the contents of this book here.

Special poster for Tri-Kazelian and higher pledges!

But we are not done yet! We are also going to print a special poster illustrated with one of the sketches realized for the cover of the “Kickstarter Special Edition” of Book 0. Moreover, on the other face, we will print a map of Tri-Kazel (the same as the one printed for the map of the first Kickstarter). This poster will be included in the Tri-Kazelian, Varigal, Farl Collector, Tuaille Collector, Seòl Patron, and Lord of Shadows pledges. If you have chosen another pledge, or wish to get a second poster, simply add $5 to your pledge. Here it is... with a reference to the movie posters!

And the other side with the map of Tri-Kazel:

New option: Engine Room

Moreover, we propose you a special and new option for Book 2 Travels:

  • Option 10 – Get access to the work forum "Engine Room" for the translation of Book 2 Travels and get the PDF in priority (included for Seol Patron and Lords of Shadows, $20 for others pledges).

This very special option will give you access to a private part of the forum where the game's team will show you, piece by piece, the contents completed for Book 2 Travels (whether translations, additional content, or illustrations).

This way, you will have a front seat to witness and support with your feedbacks the conception of this next release. These pieces of work will be made available to you as they will be completed, so that you can use them during your game sessions. It is even planned that the game's team will ask for your opinion about exclusive content that will be added in the upgraded English version of Book 2. The opening of this work forum for Book 2 is planned for January.

This option is automatically included without any additional fee for the following pledges: Seòl Patron and Lord of Shadows. The Lords of Shadows of the previous Kickstarter will automatically be given access to this private forum.

For other pledges, you can add $20 to get the advantages of this option.

Once more, THANK YOU ALL for your support,

We are glad we can make this new book available to you! Tomorrow we will update the pictures for every pledges on the front page with the new contents and options.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate!
Only 3 days to go and new stretch goals.. you can check here:

All the best,


And they have an amazing Black Friday tribute (though I believe it runs until the end of the Kickstarter)

Its buy 2 (of the same item), get the third one free

Definitely a bargain if you gaming group wants to get in on this together!

I am definitely excited about this game

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