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I too agree about power2ool - I don't use it for monsters (as I can't print them as my browser is too old for the print function) but for selecting magic items. Its great for that - being able to browse through various categories of magic items of a given level, then drag them into a screen where you can look at multiple items at once is very helpful in deciding what each of my players might like best for their character.

Which is really important to me as I have one player that only wants items that are characterful for his PC, and another who only wants items that are mechanically advantageous to his PC (and has a much narrower conception of what items are "good" than I do). I also have a PC who has a really hard time remembering triggered actions and 2 players that play by webcam and therefore have a hard time using items that require a firm grasp on who is located where on the battle map... power2ool, by letting me look simultaneous at multiple specific items, really helps me chose the best items for each PC.

And the fact that you can have multiple such windows means that I can plan the items for several levels at a time, which saves me a lot of work.

So, yeah, awesome program.

Trit One-Ear

For world creating and such, I lean (maybe a little too heavily) on[]donjonDonjon's Fantasy Name Generator . With a lot of cool settings (Fantasy names, quasi-historical names, names for towns/inns) you can easily generate a list of 10 names for inspiration if not actual use.

Plus the same sight has a toolbox of helpful... erm... tools on the sidebar including dungeon generators or even random adventure generators for when you need something to throw at your group 2 hours before they arrive.
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Masterplan is another brilliant program for plotting, even running, games- and is specifically built for a 4e DM's needs, but seeing as I use a Mac, my campaign and session plotting is primarily conceptualized with FreeMind.


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I also have to give a nod to Siege of Bordrin's Watch. Fun adventure with a great final encounter. Still one of the better encounters I've run in 4ed.

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