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So I wanted to start a thread on cool 4e material that you've come across in your travels - helping people find diamonds in the internet's rough. Or, just stuff that you really like and want to share with others. It could be a blog post, a monster, or really anything. I've started a mostly system-neutral cool gaming stuff thread in the General forum, so let's keep this leaning more towards 4e.

First, I ran across the ChattyDM's really cool way of handling Skill Challenges that makes a lot more sense. Here's the breakdown of how to do it, and examples are here (restoring the statue) and here (the intimidating the dragon skill challenge)

Secondly, an adventure designed for 2-4 PCs - for those days when not everyone shows up. (Warning, it's a fourthcore-style adventure, so it's deadly and tough).
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First thing that comes off the top of my head isn't exactly obscure, but Calastryx from MV: Threats to Nentir Vale. An excellent example of a deadly solo monster that is also very well suited to becoming a recurring villain -- particularly if you are willing to put in a little work in leveling her up (as I am doing).

I'll post more when my brain gets a chance to wake up and I have time. :p

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It feels like a cop out since this isn't a hidden gem (plus I've use this example in a similar thread) but I think Chris Perkins' The DM Experience column should be required reading for GMs. It is constantly filled with top notch GMing tips not only for how to present your story well to your players but it's also filled with little tips for how to run a game smoothly.

One example that comes to mind is how Perkins steals from television shows and opens each session with a "Last time on ______..." It lets him remind players of the important element of what happened in the previous session, it gives him an opportunity to foreshadow who or what is going to be salient in that night's session, and it serves as an on-ramp for the players to get pumped for the session. Great stuff all around.

(And actually most of it is not edition or game specific, so it's useful for any GM.)

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