Sharing house rules and setting encyclopedia

For those with rather elaborate custom worlds, how much do you share about your setting and house rules? Where and how do you share these? Do you make them open to the public, or only those playing?

Has anyone done this with an episodic game? Or do most of the heavy customizers play with a regular group?

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I make my house rules available to anyone playing in the campaign. If anyone else was interested, I'd have no problem sharing... but my house rules aren't terribly interesting, so I would expect it to ever come up. :)

If running an episodic game, or some other format where I'm going to have significant rotation of players, I probably wouldn't use any (or at most very few, very simple) house rules. It's hard enough dealing with six players who might not even have read the actual rules, without the added complexity of constantly reminding them, "we're not doing it that way; we're doing it this way."

But YMMV, of course.


I used to. To the point of making wikis for the players to contribute to and use as a memory aid. Containing illos and basic stuff about important NPCs, places, and that kind of thing. But that was several years ago and I had more players then. Nowadays I run things much more streamlined. I don't miss the extra work.

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