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Pathfinder 2E Shield Cantrip Question


If you got the shield cantrip from different sources would they be different spells? What I'm look at is cool down for using shield spell to block damage? Would the different sources of shield be different as in use one arcane source of shield to block damage but can still use occult source of shield while the arcane source is on cool down.

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The introduction to the spells chapter implies that traditions are just different ways of casting the same spell. With that in mind, I’d treat it as the same spell. It also doesn’t really pass the spell test. I doubt it’s intended that you can pick up shield from multiple sources (not just traditions but as innate spells and so-on) to work around the cooldown.

Philip Benz

A Dragontooth Grognard
Yardiff, this question has been asked repeatedly on the forums, and while there is no definitive RAW answer, the general feeling is that even if you have multiple instances of the shield spell from different traditions, the cooldown period applies to all such instances. So no, once you've blocked with the shield spell, you can't cast it again, regardless of the source.

This said, if you can convince your DM to allow multiple castings, you can go as crazy with it as you like. But that is not the intention, IMHO.