WOIN Shields!


A reason to get better quality shields:

The PC or NPC chooses to take the hit from an attack that he knows he can't dodge, drops his weapons and uses both hands to hold his shield and weathers the onslaught.

Using the current rules, there is no benefit from doing this. But, I feel that it may be best suited that the defence bonus should equal to a SOAK bonus from the shield (Only when it hits the shield).

If a PC has 18 defence and then gets a medium shield. Whenever an attack gets a 19 or 20, the Shield SOAK applies. The attack still hits but it hits the shield first. Now I feel that the v1.0 rules work better. A medium shield gives +4 defence and so +4 SOAK.

Using the above example, when the PC is hit with a 19, 20, 21 or 22, the attack hits, but the SOAK of the shield is added (+4 using v1.0). A higher attack means they hit the body and not the shield first, the SOAK doesn't apply.

The imbalance of the original shield rules are solved and realism is used instead, higher quality can give maybe half regular SOAK Bonuses, +1, +2 etc.

I look forward to implementing this into my own games and I hope to give my experience. Give me your thoughts too on this idea


It will be interesting to hear if this slows down your game a little bit more as each time you need to check whether the roll that beat your Defense (no shield) was still less than your Defense + Shield to determine whether to apply this extra SOAK. Also, how does the shield Defense bonus from the Man-at-Arms exploit affect that SOAK value? Does that make shields too good?

As for realism, if you are catching a blow on your shield, there is <5% chance that it would even penetrate that to see if your armor value matters. Shields were really that game changing in combat.


Yeah, if you applied the Steal SOAK which is 20, it could be more accurate when it actually hits the shield