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Transporters are matter-energy conversion devices that transform a person or object into a pattern of energy that is transmitted to a desired location, and then converted back into the original person or object.

The maximum range of a transporter is [modsrd=Prime Directive Progress Levels]defined here[/modsrd]. Transporters are less reliable under non-ideal conditions. Electromagnetic fields, proximity to powerful energy sources, magnetic storms, range, as well as the traditional raised shields reduce the chance of a successful transport.

Under normal circumstances a Knowledge (physical sciences) roll is not required. But under less than normal circumstances, a failed transporter roll will inflict from 1d6 points of fatigue to 4d6 points of damage to the transportee depending on how badly the skill roll was missed (GM ruling). Any of the following circumstances does require a skill check on Knowledge (physical sciences) with the following modifiers:

[bar]Transporter Modifiers[/bar]
Through shields or PA panelsImpossible
Objects or personnel on enemy ships (unless friendly personnel are present)1Impossible
Through dense matter or thick layers of matterDC 15 to 40
Ion or magnetic storms or subspace distortion+1 to +10 to DC
Proximity to improperly shielded power source+1 to +5 to DC

Jamming+1 to +6 to DC
Transporter to transporterReduce the DC by 15
Using pattern enhancersReduce the DC by 5
Transporter beacon2+4 (or communicator +2, not both)
1Even the scrappiest ships and bases contain very low level, easily maintained, redundantly backed up transporter and structural integrity shielding in critical areas. This means it is never possible to beam directly to the bridge of an enemy ship, or snatch away an opposing captain.
2A transporter beacon is a device available at PL 10 and higher. It is about the size of a football and weighs five pounds.

[h=1]Warp Drive[/h]
See article: [modsrd]Warp Speed[/modsrd].

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