D&D 5E Should DDI 5ed be free with paid content?


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I think having the core DDI stuff free with paid content is a better business model. Basically everyone signs up, and gets to tailor their own personal D&D experience. I would much rather pay a dollar or two for a new class, race, or whatnot, than pay a monthly sub. It seems to me that these kind of microtransactions better reflect the entertainment industry today, and would get a lot more people on board. What does everyone here think about this? What should be free and what should be paid for?

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I think the current model works. $7 per month is peanuts for access to everything. I do not even use everything now, but I still think it is worth it. Furthermore, the word so far is that when 5th comes, we will still be able to access all the 4th stuff with the same subscription.

I would however like to see pdfs of old stuff offered for sale. Many of the more obscure or later books from previous editions are almost impossible to find nowadays.


I think D&D Insider should be free when you buy a hardcover book.

I think they could get more money from micro-transactions than the $7 a month they have now, and you wouldn't have people complaining that they aren't getting their money's worth when the content is thin (thus turning them off of the service).


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The current model is cheap for hardcore players, which I believe most folks posting on these forums are. My problem is a barrier for entry. Most of the people I personally know who play D&D do not have a DDI subscription, and I think newcomers and long time absentees are far less likely to pay the cost upfront. Basically a microtransaction system might cost us more or less depending on the games we run, but should in theory bring a lot more people into the fold as potential customers. Also, in the long run, purchasing content is a one time transaction, so at least I know that I own what I pay for.

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