D&D 5E Should I use the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength? [Spoilers from Mines of Phandelver]


So I have an Aasimar Rogue. We just finished Mines of Phandelver and we found the Gauntlets of Ogre Power. That's the bit of loot I can get if I want it, or the Wand of Magic Missiles.

I'm leaning towards the Gauntlets of Ogre Power. How long will these be useful for me? I figure I could get a Magic Weapon later, and some Magic Armor, but if I keep the Gauntlets, that precludes other miscellaneous magic items most likely.

In that light, I'm thinking the most useful would be either ditching the Gauntlets in the long run, or ditching the option for a Magic Weapon. My STR is 12 BTW, if that's something to consider. With the Gauntlets that gives me a 19 STR, which is far more than what I'd get normally, and only the more powerful magical weapons will give me those types of bonuses.

If I use both a Magic Weapon and Gauntlets it gives me a bigger boost in combat, but I lose out in other more useful magic items that could help beyond just combat encounters.

If you chose, would you choose the Guantlets, Magic Weapon, both, or neither as a Rogue?

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You probably have a high dexterity score as a rogue, yes?
Then I'd forgo the gauntlets and stick with finesse melee weapons or archery. 19 strength for a rogue doesn't seem that useful in this case.


I'm the Straw Man in your argument
As a martial type, I'm usually concerned with getting a magical weapon first; since more than a few monsters have resistance to specific mundane weapon types (blunt, slashing, piercing) or all mundane weapons.


Yes, I have a 16 DEX for my Rogue, and the plan is to increase it at the usual points (No Feat campaign).

The adventure had two magic weapons, both claimed by others (we have a Half-Orc Barbarian, a Dwarf Cleric, and an Elf Fighter MC Magic-User) so I didn't get one of those as an option. I fully expect to get one in the future though.


Rules Monkey
For a rogue, the benefits from the gauntlets isn't for weapons, it's for skill checks - you can have a decent Athletics check and your jump distance will be dramatically increased if you are the typical 10 str rogue. Plus your Strength save will be increased.

If you want to be the action movie rogue, a high strength helps you with all those physical checks your DM doesn't let you use Acrobatics for.

My take:

Wand of Magic Missiles is narrowly combat-focused. Probably won't lead to any laughter or wacky shenanigans.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power has some non-combat applications like arm wrestling, climbing, and temporarily loaning them to kobolds participating in Kobold Fight Club for a laugh.

Some laughs beats no laughs. QED, take the Gauntlets.


In my campaign, the bard took them and eventually received boots of striding as well. Now he jumps like crazy and took a level of fighter.


Keep the gauntlets - you can always trade them for something else later. Over the long haul you'll probably eke out more damage with the gloves than the wand, and as others have mentioned they''ll also boost your Athletics skill.


Bear in mind that you can use Strength to attack with a finesse weapon and still get sneak attack. So the Gauntlets will boost your attacks with darts or swords until you get your Dexterity up, in addition to the other benefits everyone else has already pointed out.

I'd go with the Gauntlets.


In my campaign, the bard took them and eventually received boots of striding as well. Now he jumps like crazy and took a level of fighter.

We ended up giving the Wraith the boots to avoid combat and got the quest to get rid of the beholder type creature (spectator?) in a different area.

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