D&D 5E Should martial characters be mundane or supernatural?

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Tony Vargas

They should be be balanced.
That might require them being supernatural, if it's possible to play supernatural PCs that are far more powerful than the game allows 'mundane' characters to be - and mundane characters would be NPCs, not player facing choices.
But, it's certainly possible to devise supernatural abilities that are not overpowered. Indeed, an overtly supernatural power could be week or downright useless.
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I'm A Banana

Supernatural is the only real option in D&D. It may be anchored in "mundane," but magic is a part of a D&D character's life from birth to death (and then after death, too!). You slay giants, you slay dragons, you fight fiends, you survive explosions and cave-ins and poison gas and deadly falls, a night's rest restores you, you are not a "mundane" person.

That supernatural might look like intense training, or magic items, or being born of the gods, or whatever, but at the end of the day, even a level 1 fighter is head and shoulders above your average town guard or militia member, and that's the same kind of magic that helps dragons fly and giants breathe. You're magical.

There might be a filter or a style of D&D that's not so magical, but out of the box, with sorcerers and warlocks and wizards and clerics and druids, D&D heroes are magical, and fighters and rogues aren't exceptions to that if they're playing in the same genre.

I do like mundane......but feel like there is a point where you get supernatural.

Like once your spending a 'mundane hero point' to do a 100 leap or damage a foe immune to 'normal weapons'......then you ARE basically doing supernatural things.

I kinda like the Grimm spin.....a Grimm is supernatural...they can see, out and hurt all the beings because they have 'the power', but they don't really 'do' anything (else).

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